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Diet and Exercises to Strengthen Core Muscles

Updated on October 1, 2015
Need to shed a few pounds?
Need to shed a few pounds?

Weight loss journey

How to diet without feeling hungry or starving yourself to lose a couple of pounds that will be gained back once you satisfy your hunger. It will not be easy. Dieting is never easy when there are so many temptations out there. Choosing what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, all this becomes quite overwhelming and you feel like it’s a losing battle. There are too many variables in trying to lose weight that can affect the end results. That’s why many dietitians and nutritionists always advise to lose weight a little at a time and maintain a healthy diet which means do not starve yourself. But most importantly they stress on the fact that weight loss is not done overnight, and that it will involve some time and in return the satisfaction will be great. Weight loss prompts two important factors for it to become successful and that is the type of diet you are on and the type of exercise you are doing. For the period of time when you are losing weight, your diet and exercise schedule need to work in sync. In other words, you cannot have a quadruple cheeseburger with fries and a super sized soda and jog for ten minutes and expect the jogging to cancel out the food. Learning how to count calories is very important but learning what type of food gives you the type of energy is another crucial point in weight loss.

Set Goals

When you decide to go on a diet and start the weight loss trek, you should have the mindset to control your wants and sacrifice a bit to keep your goal focused. Just remember that not eating and starving yourself to death will not contribute to weight loss but might even have the opposite effect. It is important to eat the right amount of calories to have the energy to do different exercises.

Understand Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit means that you are burning more energy than the amount of calories you intake. It is very vital to losing weight. It takes approximately 3500 calories burned to lose one pound of body fat. But remember that you need to have at least 1200 calorie intake daily to maintain a healthy system. The calorie deficit will add up and weight loss results will start to show. The way it works is very basic, less calories in and more calories out will result to weight loss. The part where people usually go wrong is determining the amount of calories they intake on a daily basis and setting the calorie deficit too high. When you intake too few calories you body struggles to perform, it’s like a car running without gas. Your body is burning calories everyday regardless if you move or not, but moving help increase the burn. The organs in the body require calories to function and without it will cease some of its function or functions.

Calculate Calorie Deficit

How is the calorie deficit calculated? There are sites that recommend the daily calories according to your height, weight, and age. When you have the recommended daily calories, you will take the difference between the recommended and the actual daily calorie intake (the actual calorie intake needs to be monitor to know the amount you intake daily) and that will be your deficit. Whole point to the deficit is to eliminate the calories that are not burn at the end of the day so exercises that are done daily will have its effect and weight loss will happen. It will take time. Time is very important and should not be rushed. Remember this is not “The biggest loser”, this is you taking time to be healthy.

Food and Numbers

People usually base the amount of calories burn is how much weight they will lose. The numbers are just a way to measure how much energy has been used or expend to ultimately lower weight. Also keep in mind that your metabolism does not slow down because of age but much likely to slow down because of being inactive. But when you get older it is just normal for a person to slow down and enjoy themselves.

Healthy food should not be hard to find, the taste is usually less than desired and dry. Many dieticians suggest on using some coconut oil to bring some moisture and taste to food that might be more on the difficult side to eat. Coconut oil was once known to be bad because of the saturated fat but new research proofs otherwise and it also has many benefits.

What exercises to do?

There are different types of exercises that can be used to expend the calories and shape your body or build stamina. Aerobics is a highly recommended for weight loss because of the nature of the exercise and it’s also fairly easy compared to others. It is use to build up stamina and also the constant movement is what trainers look for. Most exercises should start off light and easy, you never want to push too hard and get hurt. Getting hurt in an exercise is a pain not only physically because you will end up missing days or weeks of exercises and there goes that thought about losing weight.

The Afterburn Effects

Some researchers feel that weight training helps with weight loss better than aerobic exercises because of the afterburn. Afterburn is the continual calorie burn even after the exercise. The way afterburn works is applying intensive resistance workouts or weightlifting to a period of time and the burning of calories will continue even after workouts. Much of this is due to the body trying to regain oxygen to rest the body and it will continue to draw energy which in turn increases the weight loss percentage.

The afterburn effect works most effectively with anaerobic because of resistance workouts and the intensity unlike aerobic exercises. Females do not need to worry about growing in mass because of weight training for strength. They lack the amount of testosterone that men have to build body mass during strength training. Most women find that working out with weights will yield higher weight loss as oppose to jogging or running.

This is a nice piece of equipment with nice results and opinions.
This is a nice piece of equipment with nice results and opinions.

A cheap source of a great exercise equipment

Another great source of exercise is the ab wheel roller. It helps build the core muscles to help strengthen and corrects your posture. The ab roller is a metal bar that holds two wheels in the middle and the bar on either end becomes the handles, similar to –ll-. For beginners, holding onto the handles in a kneeing position, roll outward and extending the arms and pushing out further with the knee. Hold for about 3 or 4 seconds than pull back in and repeat. It works out the most of the upper body which is very good for such a simple piece of equipment. It’s a very cheap and effective way to do an all around workout. We’ll talk more about this later or different hub.


How many reps and time limits? As far as repetitions go, you can create your own number and not necessarily have to follow another’s routine. This is where you start to understand your own body and what it can do. And by making your own routines, it does not mean do ten reps of five sit-ups. You still need to push yourself to the limit but not hurt yourself or put too much strain to a point where something goes pop.

Anaerobic exercises helps make the body much leaner and the leaner it is the more body fat is reduced or burned. Being lean also means that the body’s metabolism will be higher since muscles need fuel to burn to continue sustaining its shape. This is not to say that you should just do anaerobic and not aerobic, it would be better to mix the two for better results.


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