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Dieting tips that really work

Updated on September 25, 2012

You will be well on your way soon!

These tips will work for you

We all have struggled with this war on obesity and diet after diet. Even though I had weight loss surgery, it was not easy. Now that I am almost to my goal these tips that I was given post op is what is making the difference in my weight loss and being a successful dieter.

Do not eat or drink 30 minutes prior or 30 minutes after eating. The reason for this is, drinking fills you up, so when you eat you won't eat enough then you will be hungry an hour later. Not drinking 30 minutes after meals, keeps food in your stomach longer and slower digestion takes place keeping you fuller longer. Do not drink with your meals!

Your plate should consist of two servings of vegetables, 4 ounces of protein and only about a 1/4 cup of a starchy carb or none at all. Consuming protein first makes it take longer to digest and you will get fuller faster.

Hunger is always an issue when dieting or head hunger. I take hoodia 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. I buy the kind from GNC as it is real hoodia. The make up of hoodia tricks the brain in to thinking you are full so you will eat less. This product takes about a week to start working but it really does work. You will feel full very fast. I have not had any side affects from it either. It doesn't make you shaky or feel any kind of way.

Eat a worthy morning snack which does not consist of cereal bars or sugary drinks like slim fast. Liquid diets dont work. A hard boiled egg, some turkey breast or a pure protein bar is what I use. Pure protein bars have 20 grams of protein, less the 2 grams of sugar, and is low in carbs. Read your labels people. Your snacks should not exceed the calories you consume in a meal. You may say fruit but remember it turns to sugar which keeps your fat stored. You want to burn your fat and eating high protein is the only way you are going to accomplish this.

Put the fork down in between bites. Taking 30 minutes to eat will show a big difference in how you feel. After 30 minutes, whatever you havent eaten THROW IT OUT!

Gving up all the things you love like fast food, potato chips and sweets is only temporary. You are doing this for you. Fast food is the rot gut of the earth. I have not eaten it in three years but one time and it was aweful. Get up early enough to make yourself breakfast so you wont be tempted to stop at these heart killing places.

Have patience when the scale is not moving or stay off the scale. Scale watchers fail most of the time because when we don't see immediate results we say oh well its not working anymore let me go have a snickers bar. YOU DIDN'T GAIN IT OVER NIGHT SO YOUR NOT GOING TO LOSE IT OVERNIGHT! Sometimes inches are better then pounds.

You do not need to become a gym rat to be successful at losing weight but walking even two blocks can help you get moving. Im not asking you to run a race its only two blocks.

You have to decarb and desugar yourself. It is not fun the first week, but not eating starchy carbs or vegetables or anything with sugar in it will help you tremendously lose the weight faster then anything.

You can be a succesful dieter but you have to want it. It has taken me three years to lose 100 pounds but these tips are what has been my saving grace.


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    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 3 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      Nice. I have written a few hubs on losing weight. I lost 75 pounds, and it was fairly easy. You may enjoy reading some of them. My favorite is Diet is a Noun, Not A Verb.