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Different types of body images.

Updated on August 25, 2014

Everybody has different chemistry's and are built different

Time to be our own "hero's".

I think we need to reprogram our own minds and not allow media to push things into our minds.

Some of the problems out there in the world that has to do with images and how we view our own body, is that if we don't look like what is portrayed in any media platform we are not considered to fit into the human race.

People tend to think that many people who indeed are considered overweight because they are "lazy". But for once have you ever stepped into a person's shoes to here their story?

Maybe so, ok, maybe just for an instance I agree that maybe, just maybe some people are lazy, but does it really bother you that another human being chooses to live their lives the wayt hey want to, especially if you have no connection what so ever with that individual?

I think to be more positive and instead of lowering yourself to name calling stop and think.

Maybe if you were to be more inspiring and understanding, maybe those that hear your words or what your write, could indeed help to "save" someone's life.

Everybody is built different.

Yes, of course in my own life I have many more people that are into physical fitness and working out than don't.

What scares me is seeing ads like diet pills and once again, which I always say over and over again and must state this.."I am no doctor" but diet pills to me seem like some form of "speed" which increase heart rate without moving your body and if you don't workout and move that much then ingest something that is "pill" how good is that really for your heart?

I also tend to see in society that shapes of women that are mostly talked about go from extreme to the next, meaning either women are too skinny or too overweight?

So I guess there is nothing else and on in between?

Granted it, once again I have in my life may people and women who love working out and so I tend to see more women getting 6 packs.

Now before you go on and think that people who are attaining muscle or 6 pack abs are using any form of steroids, well I am living proof I am not touching steroids at all and I certainly can take a pee test or a blood test to prove it in which I have nothing to hide.

I have said before, people that do have money can do stomach operations, liposuction, plastic surgery, and yes now have special implants for muscle. Heck, it's their money right? So it's their lives.

But I am talking about my own life, in which within a month by eating and working out my 6 packs abs are starting to form and this is indeed without a stomach operation, no liposuction, no botox, no plastic surgery. It is just from working out and eating.

I do have to try to eat more as time goes by when I am getting into working out more.

Building up a toned body requires alot of food consumption and a heck of alot of protein.

Yes ok I occasionally have a great junk day, but know I can burn it off at the gym.

No one is perfect but here is another type of body image, toned and some muscle for women.

I am once again, using myself as an example because I am only eating and working out to get the body I want and it is indeed hard.

Over the past year or so I lost 63 pounds which I was 220 and got down to 157 because I tried to eat better and started working out.

Yes my first month was so painful and I was trying very not hard to drop the f bomb in the gym and just wanted to die right on the spot in the gym.

When your workout that hard you get really smelly and sweaty and just totally forget about the make-up.

If you still have your make-up all perfect and neat at the end of the workout, well you might not have worked out hard enough.

I think in this day and age, a positive body image is when you feel healthy and happy and don't have to fit into any category but fit into what works for you.

If you are indeed living without any type of pain while walking around and feeling good, does size really seriously matter?

I try to talk about more toned bodies and maybe not someone who is skinny or curvy because that is another body image that is good too.

Maybe it is not the type of life everyone wants to be part of, but I think it is good to talk about, because once again, all those magazines in stores seem to push only one image.

Quite frankly I don't want to fit into a cookie cutter type of image and just know what works at me.

Once an awhile you might catch me looking at a magazine at a check out counter but it might be about a cake recipe, but it is much better to cook without flour in foods.

I know that flour is indeed not something that body is not too happy about having in it's system, so I learned to make things like pancakes with oats and eggs instead of flour and enjoy foods.

If I can keep writing to help other women or other people to feel better about themselves and to remember that each person is indeed special no matter what size you are.

It matters that you are healthy and happy.

Most of all just remember what works for other people might not work for you.

So keep trying to find out in life what works for you.

i think the reason I know what works for me is because I tried and failed at things but found out what works for myself and that is what I am willing to stick with.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    Thank You jtrader :)

  • jtrader profile image

    jtrader 3 years ago

    Consumers need to push against the stereotypes of body image that are fed to them by commercial organizations. Good points made in your hub.