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How Does Nutrition Affect Your Health

Updated on January 21, 2017

Eat To Live not Live to Eat

Most people are reluctant to even take a look at the diet they consume, much less try to make any significant changes. A halfhearted attempt, that is shortly abandoned, will do nothing to impact the damage we are doing to our health.

The obesity rate in this country is at an all time high and is climbing. In spite of media coverage and education on the damage a poor diet can do, we continue to stop at the closest fast food haven, with the excuse of "I just don't have time to cook" or "I was short on time and just grabbed the quickest thing I could find".

The truth is that the majority of us are addicted to fast food. They tempt us with fat filled and sugar laden items that are slowly killing us. Most offer so called alternatives, that are little better than their regular menu.

We Celebrate Our Addictions

We have become a society that celebrates it's addictions. Our lack of dicipline affect us in so many ways, the seemingly harmless and most gratifying is our way of eating. Even those of us who try to eat healthy lose track of how often we decide that we'll just grab a quick bite or maybe have that favorite dessert we so dearly love. All the while justifying, " I usually eat healthy so a little of this or that won't do any harm."

The simple act of going to a restaurant has turned into a social event. We eat out with friends and family and use the occasion as an excuse to overindulge ourselves. We have turned the simple act of giving our bodies the nourishment it needs into a national past-time. An evening out is sure to call for a meal at our favorite place to eat. Often this is followed by a movie or some other event that requires a visit to the concession stand. And we wonder why each year we have to replace our now too small wardrobe.

Where Does it End?

The variety of anti acids and digest aides available on the pharmacy shelves should be enough to tell us, we are headed down a slippery slope. We are sliding our way into malnutrition and the formation of diseased cells in our bodies. Over time those diseased cells turn into a full fledged disease. If let go for a length of time this can sometimes be irreversible.

Around mid-life many people begin to notice symptom such as, heartburn, flatulence, nausea, constipation, allergies, obesity, etc; these symptoms can be early warning signs of what awaits us if poor eating habits continue. If we are wise, we become conscious of what we are eating and begin to do research on what makes up a healthy diet.

It takes dicipline

The majority of us realize that we eat too much. Much of what we choose to eat is harmful to our health. Yet we are unwilling to make any significant changes in the way we approach nutrition?

Juvenile obesity is a serious problem that if not changed at an early age, can lead to a lifetime of weight and health problems. Most of the time obese children are the product of obesity in the parent.

Those calorie laden, fatty foods we so dearly love, are a source of comfort. The often stressful lives we lead create a need for something to make us feel better. Food is one of the major sources of comfort available to us. We tell ourselves, we must eat to keep from being hungry and choose to ignore what may be the underlying cause of overeating.

What it comes down to is a question of, do we continue to be unconscious of our daily habits or do we make changes before any serious damage occurs. Nutrition is something none of us can afford to ignore.


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      6 years ago

      what are you doing right now and you are the worst student ever ms richards would say if she saw us playing games right islande i can tell the future and you cant.

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      ben stein 

      6 years ago

      when was this made


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