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Best Way to Live Life, Don't Lose Your Life Into Nothingness Nobody Will Tell This Truth of Life

Updated on August 30, 2020
Dikshant Siwach profile image

Do you thinks is it easy to live a peaceful life in this life, where we come over many things which gives us stress, making life stressfulld

Beauty of life is in peace but don't know where humans have lost

Is it easy to live a happy and peaceful in this life? where we overcome many such circumstances leading us to a very stress full life

Do you think is it easy to live a happy and peaceful life in this life where we come across such circumstances which lead our life to a very stressfull life. According to my experience I would say no because as when unfavourable circumstances happens in my life I become so much miserable which lead me to lots of stress and in life majority of time unfavourable circumstances happen leading us to lots of stress. Like this I think so we live whole life with lots of stress. As we grow from childhood to teenager and from teenager to adult, responsibilities start increasing like when we was in childhood we don't have responsibilities like a matured man or woman, so as a child we are not having stress because all our needs were full filed by our parents and we as a child doesn't have any responsibility to earn or anything else so there is no stress we just enjoy our life happily and one more thing children also doesn't have that maturity to understand everything what's going on around him/her but as we grow up maturity starts coming in our life, we start understanding what is life actually, we make our opinions about life and start working hard to make carrier in this period of time making carrier sometimes or majority of people live a very stressfull life leading them to lots of anger, irritation and some it may lead to mental disorder too and in this time of hard work we doesn't take care of our health and again we start having health issues too with our that type of stressful mentality, we lose our life happiness and peaceful very badly like this we was working hard to make our life better from the carrier but we make our life worst because of that. Okay now carrier is also made now you may say now there no way you will have stress now, okay right lets see is it right or wrong. Let's see through this example a person name John made a superb carier(buissness) and married with a beautiful woman Rosey, now during his carrier he was now again working hard to earn a handsome amount but still have a thrust to earn more it means first you were running behind to make carrier, now running behind to earn more its not bad to earn more but majority of time you are this much bussy in earning, you doesn't even have time for your family and your children. Now again that pain of thrust of earning more still there, it means still there is no real peace and happiness in your life and lots of unfavourable circumstances also happens during buissness and Again leading to a stressfull life there only fewer moment as compared to stressfull period of time that we are happy and peaceful.

Now lets come to family of John, now John was having responsibility of his family too, again he have conflicts with his wife too, and sometime conflicts have lead them to take the decision of divorce too , again a stressful circumstance.

He have child's too again when child grown-up, child start having there own opinion and sometime child doesn't listen to his father, again child doesn't work according to his wishes again unfavourable circumstance leading him to stressful and unhappy life

Now John becomes old earned lot, but whats the result of running behind the thrust of earning. This truth may be bitter in taste but it is truth. Now this truth is revealed to you. And I assure there is a way to live a peaceful life

Like this uncountable circumstances happens during our lifetime which make us miserable and stressfull.

There are very less time when we are really happy and peaceful.

Do you think there is any way to live a peaceful life even when any such circumstance comes in life? Or do you think is it a right way to live life like this.

Human takes birth, struggles whole life for happiness and peace but ends up with a stressfull life and at last dies into nothingness.


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