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Defy Social Disability Expectation and Get Fit!

Updated on November 18, 2011

Motivate Your Way Out of Physical Adversity

Are you fulfilling a social disability expectation?" I know a lot of you out there are hurting with disabling pain thinking there is nothing more you can do to increase your physical activity and/or improve upon your mobility situation.

For example, if you are confined to a wheelchair does this restrict you from maintaining and improving upon your mid-body core to upper torso strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall weight maintenance. I know this is a tough situation... But if you have the upper body strength to propel yourself, you may be able to gain a significant fitness benefit through stationary endurance, flexibility and strength exercises in a fitness facility for example.

You also may have gained excessive weight while confined to the wheel chair. Maybe your pain is too severe for lack of a substantial and relative pain management programming. And now you may be experiencing depression on/off seeing no other way out of your ill-health, "low mobility" predicament. You may also be dependent upon far too many pharmaceuticals to get you through the day. If this is where you're at, I highly recommend you ask your primary care physician to refer you to a physiatrist if you've not already done so. This specialist will help activate other resources to build a customized pain and rehabilitative program for your encompassing (mind, body, spirit) being.

I do understand feelings of depression and acute/chronic body pain and loss of productivity and activity. I've personally experienced these things on a daily basis after multiple surgeries where I was wheel chair bound. Yes, depression is never removed from the forefront as this typically goes with chronic pain, but can be managed. I also understand what it's like to be eyeballed as physically weak, a failure in your mind's eye, or inability to financially provide for your family.

If you now are disabled and fulfilling a social disability expectation, do you want to continue buying into accepting your lot in life with limited mobility coupled with more pain. Or will you defy the expectation and challenge yourself to rise above limited mobility and prescription drug use if you have the means to do so?

This is where many that have been injured, or suffer illness and disease "buy-in" and believe they can't rise above the disability to do so much more with their lives. When in fact many can rise above the pain and immobility challenges. In some cases disability means just that... You can't physically rehabilitate yourself because of serious disease that has one bed ridden without the possibility of mobility which is a different prognosis. I'm talking about those that "can" rehabilitate" and move on with their lives to once again become productive in community, fulfill purpose and enjoy quality living experiences with their families.

I know a lot of you with broken bodies have given up on yourselves because you've had an injury(s) [which impact the psyche], maybe forced to take early retirement and/or may collecting on disability. Some of you feel since you are disabled and collecting a check, you somehow must self fulfill your role as a disabled person with limited mobility and activity. This means you've accepted the social disability expectation and have coincidentally begun the process of further health deodorization. And you may now also feel your medical specialists, or primary care physicians have done everything possible for you. In many cases there is much more one can do to improve upon pain alleviation, rehabilitation and re-mobilization to live an active life style without further health deodorization.

My contention is, if you can move segments of your body you "can" receive a fitness benefit. Also, if you consume calories, you can control and manage what you consume. If you suffer from depression, there is help through health organizations, and specialized help groups throughout our educational institutions. To include many alternative service solutions found throughout the Internet. If your on a pain management program you "most likely can" reduce your daily script to allow focus on activity-exercises for periods of time in a day. This will allow more focus to rehabilitate regardless of whether confined in a chair, crutches, cane(s) etc.

Don't let society dictate your rehabilitation fitness results. Don't accept or fulfill the social disability expectation if you have the means of mobility rehabilitation to become more active in life. Be a mirror athlete warrior, take back as much of your life as you possibly can. Take control of a lifestyle that builds esteem and makes you feel great about yourself! Take back what rightfully belongs to you, it's your health and your life!


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