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Discover the most important habit you need to excel in life and achieve more

Updated on April 30, 2011
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Are you responsible for the experience in your life?

Are you responsible to the experience in your life? Or are you in the habit of blaming everyone else, except yourself for the experiences in your life? Do you look at the the external influences or internal influences to the experiences that you have in life? One of the attributes of very successful people or achievers that excel in different areas of their lives is that they trust on their abilities to achieve the results that they desire. They are 100% responsible for the result that they desire.

This idea may sound very elusive, but your are responsible for three things which impact the result you get. The thoughts in your head, the pictures you paint and the actions you take. These three attributes does affect the results we get. Most of the time we want to the results we get rather than the behaviors resulting from such outcomes.

This articles will suggest different ways to focus so as to begin to be responsible for the results we achieve in our experience of life.

What does mean to be responsible for the experience in my life?

Taking responsibility for the experience in your life is the understanding that YOU are the creator of the results you have in your life. Have you actually blamed any external influence for the results you get in any area of your  life? If so you are not being responsible. The effect is that any time we look outside of ourselves by way of blaming others for what was our fault for the results we get we loose our position of power. We have two choices every time we need to make a decision. It's either we take the position of pain which leads to helplessness, depression and paralysis; or we take the position of power which results in choice, excitement and action. Being responsible is a choice we decide to make or not. Even when it's uncomfortable, we need to wisely explore every options of the pain to power continuum. 

How can I be become more responsible for my actions?

You are in control of your thought, images you paint and the actions that you take in your mind. Anytime you stop being conscious this truth, you are out of control. However, yo need to understand the effect of your belief and value systems have on your decisions. This is because these two - your belief and values are the drivers of your behavior. Your belief and your values are not written in stone and as you learn to know more about your personality and why you do what you do, you'll begin to discover those beliefs and values that  give better leverage to the outcome you desire. This is the basis for self - awareness. It's like a trial and error, and s you begin to explore more and learn from your experiences you begin to find out what worked and what didn't.

Strategies to monitor and execute the outcome from an event

There are three thing you need to understand for controlling the outcome you desire. These are the EVENT that you are immersed in, Your RESONSE to the event and the OUTCOME you get.

These three can be written inform of an equation:

E + R = O

Now consider these scenario:


Event = you earned $400 as bonus for you service your organisation

R =  you went away to a shopping spree and spent all the money

O = you are $400 poorer, apart from the goods you bought which have no future value


E = you earned $400 as bonus for you service your organisation

R = you invested the money in a mutual fund tat was profitable

O = you are $400 plus richer due to dividends accruing from the investment over time

As you'll see in these scenarios you are responsible for the outcome of the events due to the decisions that you choose to make. A clear understanding of the factors that prompt your decision making could be hidden in your unconscious thoughts. exploring these habits and changing them with thoughts that bebnfit you could be the beginning to achieving better outcomes.

Do you allow pain or pleasure to control your decision making proces?

" Discipline is the art of scheduling the pain and pleasure in life in such a way as to comfort pain first so as to enhance pleasure later."


The author of Road Less Traveled, Arrow Books, 1999; p.18


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    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 5 years ago from UK


      Thanks for your comments; especially the positive affirmation, "... stand up today and take charge of your situation."

      Quit elating to say the least.

    • profile image

      Abraham 5 years ago

      I must say dat we are responsible for tins that went wrong in our lyfs. The reson why we are stil at it is our complains and blames which we place unjustly on others. Stand up today and take charge of ur situation.