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Discover yourself, when in stress!!!

Updated on February 15, 2013
You are your mirror.
You are your mirror.

Make it a ladder to climb up instead of treating it as a stone in your path... A slight change in perception could change the whole game!!!

When you see it coming :

  • There are times when your gut or intellect or heart will tell you that something is about to go wrong and you can't help it . It's then , that you take a back-seat and analyse the whole situation as a spectator in the drama . Put yourself in the shoes of people and try wearing all the hats possible . This takes place in your brain, for a while , when the moment is approaching .A deep breath or two shall help too (physically).

  • Try listening first , so that you regain the power of absorbing . You're a sponge and mature enough not to react and explode.

  • "This too shall pass" , memorize this and you will never regret.

  • Lastly , make yourself believe that you are just a character in a play called "Life" , on this earth. In a play , when your co-actor forgets his line on the stage , you don't go about blaming him there . Rather , you try and cover it up for him . Same way , if the cause here is ignorance from somebody , you shouldn't wait for the person to come up or you shouldn't blame him .Go out there and do what you were expecting him to do. You're the hero, take the charge.

See the bigger picture !!
See the bigger picture !!

When it's done :

  • We often regret our actions and blame certain things . And those certain things cannot be undone. Let's take a situation here : A fish bowl gets dirty after sometime with fish's own waste, if she dwells on for long in it , she will get dirty too. You got it right , "CHANGE" is the key. We change the water .

    Similarly, when you happen to become direction-less ,try changing the whole scene.If not happiness, it will definitely absorb a certain portion of your energy which otherwise was getting used up in negative thoughts.

  • Try picking up a hobby or do what you like the most.Watch a movie and get a hug from somebody close.

  • Try changing the routine . Do something unusual (not harmful ).Eat your favourite meal.

  • Lastly, "MUSIC" . This works for me always in 2 ways . If music is good ,it charges me up.If it's not that good, after listening to it repeatedly , I go to sleep. Sleep charges me up too .

This too shall pass..
This too shall pass..

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