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Dit Da Jow Explained

Updated on March 1, 2011
Dit da jow is an ancient Chinese healing remedy
Dit da jow is an ancient Chinese healing remedy

In response to many questions from my articles on shin conditioning and treating shin injuries, I have decided to write an article about dit da jow.  Dit da jow is an ancient Chinese herbal healing remedy.  It has been used for thousands of years to treat bruising and other impact related injuries.  Kung fu practitioners have also used dit da jow for iron body conditioning -- training that involves striking hard objects to make bone and muscle strong like iron.  Dit da jow is also known as boxing liniment or iron palm liniment.

What is in Dit Da Jow

There are countless different dit da jow recipes, many of which are a secret.  At its core, dit da jow is natural herbs that are soaked in an alcohol base.  The combination of herbs in the recipe are what give each dit da jow its unique properties.

What Can Dit Da Jow be Used For

You can use dit da jow on any injury where there is no break in the skin.  It is particularly helpful with impact related injuries where there is bruising.  It can make bruises disappear overnight, or prevent them altogether.  Stronger dit da jow recipes also aid in healing swelling and inflammation.  It is even known to help with chronic arthritis pain and inflammation.  Dit da jow can really be used to accelerate the healing of any injury.  

For martial artists, dit da jow is an essential tool to body conditioning.  When applied before and after training, it will help prevent injury and aid your body in building new and stronger tissue.

How to Use Dit Da Jow

Dit da jow is a liquid that you apply directly to the injured area on the skin.  Do not apply to broken skin.  You should massage the jow into your skin firmly, as this will stimulate blood flow and help your body absorb it.  Applying dit da jow before intense training is ideal, but for injuries you cannot predict, try to apply it as soon as possible after the injury occurs.  You can reapply 2-3 times per day as needed to help with any remaining bruising, swelling, or inflammation.

For acute injuries, or sudden injuries where there is swelling, use a dit da jow with an overall "cooling energy."  These recipes will have a similar effect as ice, with the added benefits of increasing circulation and accelerating healing.  I highly recommend PlumDragon Herbs Bruise Jiuce.

For chronic injuries, or injuries that are recurring, result from overuse, or where the initial swelling has gone down, use a "warming" dit da jow.  Ho Family dit da jow is the best I have used so far.

How Dit Da Jow Works

Dit da jow breaks up stasis, or stagnant fluid, and increases circulation to the injury. Stasis is what causes the discoloration of bruises, swelling, inflammation, and hematoma. Stasis can prevent your body from healing fully and slows down the healing process. Dit da jow eliminates this so your body can reabsorb the fluids and healing can take place. The increased circulation aids in this process and brings vital oxygen and nutrients to the area so it can repair.

In Conclusion

Dit da jow really is a miracle. I have put it on severe bruising and swelling that should have taken 2 to 3 weeks to heal, and fully recovered in 3 days. The milder recipes can make everyday bruises disappear in hours while the more potent jows can tackle severe injuries. I have even had large hematoma healed by dit da jow in just a couple of days. If you are an athlete of any kind, you should carry a bottle with you. I have tried many jows, but I always enthusiastically recommend PlumDragon Herbs. Their dit da jows are high quality -- and more importantly, EFFECTIVE. Try dit da jow, you will not be disappointed.


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    • George Hariri profile image

      George Hariri 5 years ago from Washington, DC

      I do not know if it is safe for use by diabetics. This is a question you should ask your doctor before trying dit da jow.

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      can ditdajow be safe for use by diabetics with nerve damage and edema as a result of bad circulation? thanks for the article..