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Do I Need Weight Loss?

Updated on March 14, 2015
What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What do you see when you look in the mirror?

How to Determine Proper Weight

Whether you look at yourself in the mirror, read the newspaper, watch fashion shows, see magazines on news stands, everyone is talking about weight. Looking up weight in medical journals will provide you a variety of suggestions on the proper weight based on sex, height, and frame. Here is one of many that can give you an idea. Best idea is check with your doctor.

Height 5’ Male 125- Female 110

Height 5’1” Male 128– Female114

Height 5’2 Male 131– Female117

Height 5’3 Male 135– Female 120

Height 5’4 Male 138– Female123

Height 5’5 Male 142– Female127

Height 5’6 Male145 – Female131

Height 5’7 Male 148– Female134

Height 5’8 Male 152– Female138

Height 5’9 Male 156– Female 142

Height 5’10 Male 160– Female146

Height 5’11 Male 164– Female 151

Height 6’ Male 169– Female 156

Height 6’1 Male 173

Height 6’2 Male 178

Height 6’3 Male 182

When thinking about weight it is important to remember that your optimal body weight supports and helps to maintain your body. Being under weight can be just as damaging to the body as being over weight. Making a determination of your proper weight is a very important thing for everyone to do! Eating a little several times a day will help stave off binge eating. Eat a balanced diet and remember to exercise to burn your excess fat!

Calorie Counting

Let’s assume that you and your doctor have decided that you should weigh 160 pounds. And that of all the forms of weight loss available, you have agreed that counting calories would be the best form of maintaining proper weight. How do you determine your daily calorie intake?

If you decide you want to begin to count calories, you must determine what your daily calorie intake should be. Keep in mind that only 30% of your daily calorie intake should be in “good” fat. You should figure the “good fat” allowed also.

Calculations are as follows: Remember, for these examples, you and your doctor have decided that your desired weight is 160 pounds.

Examples 1 - FEMALE

If you are a woman, multiply your desired weight by 11 to determine your calorie intake;

160 (pounds) x 11 = 1760 calories you can eat daily

To determine you daily fat intake:

Multiply 1760 calories x 30%fat allowed = 528 - 528 divided by 9 = 58.6 gram of good fat daily.

Example 2 - MALE

If you are a man, multiply your desired weight by 12 to determine your calorie intake.

160 x 12 = 1920 calories you can eat daily.

To determine you daily fat intake:

1920 x 30%= 576 then 576 divided by 9 = 64 grams of good fat daily.


Calorie Counting Sample Lunch Menus


Sample 1600-Calorie Lunch Menu


Menu 1

Tomato and Cottage Cheese Salad

(1/2-cup Cottage cheese, 1 tomato & lettuce)

Cold meat on 2 slices

Rye wafer

Pineapple - 2 slices

Skim milk – 1-cup


Menu 2

Juicy meat loaf – 1 slice

Green beans – ¾-cup

Boiled potato with ½ tsp. butter

Carrot sticks – 3 to 4

Low -calorie cake – 1 piece

Skim milk – 1-cup


Sample 1200-Calorie Lunch Menus


MENU - 1 –


Turkey Sandwich:

(2 oz. lean turkey, 2 slices whole-wheat toast, &

1 Tbsp light mayonnaise, lettuce & tomato slice.)

1 cup tossed green salad

1Tbsp. Balsamic dressings

Non-caloric drink: flavored water.


MENU - 2 -

Tuna Salad with cheese on 2 slices of whole wheat bread

(3 oz. water packed tuna, 1 Tbsp. light mayonnaise,

2 Tbsp. Onion minced & 1 slice reduced fat Swiss cheese

1 cup tossed green salad

1Tbsp. Balsamic dressing

15 grapes

8 oz. nonfat milk, coffee, or tea

Nutritionists Diet Tips

Don't Forget the Essential Food Groups!

Essential Menu Selections should include:

GRAINS - Eat 6 oz. daily including whole grain cereals, breads, crackers, rice, or pasta every day.

VEGETABLES - 2 1/2 c. every day and vary your veggies. Eat dark-green like: broccoli, & spinach. Eat orange like: carrots & sweet potatoes. Eat textures like dry beans, peas and lentils.

MILK – Drink 3 cups everyday in calcium rich foods. If you can’t drink milk, choose a lactose-free products or fortified foods

MEAT & BEANS - Eat 5 1/2 oz. every day and go lean with protein by choosing low fat or lean. Vary choice with more fish, beans, peas, nuts and seeds

FRUITS - 2 cups every day - Focus on a variety of fruit. Choose fresh, frozen, canned, or dried fruit. Go easy on fruit juice it can cause diarrhea.

Calories in Everyday Foods

Sweets - Amount - Calories

Cake Donut 2 1/2 pieces 250

Chocolate Cake 1 piece/ 2.5 oz 250

Chocolate coated candy bar 12 oz 290

Cookies - plain 2 medium 175

Honey 1 tbsp 55

Jelly/ Jam 1 tbsp 55

Mint 1/2 oz 55

Molasses 1 tbsp 50

Pie Crust 1/6 shell 110

Plain Jell-O 1 serving 55

Promise Dark Chocolate/Dove 1 miniature 31

Soft Drink 6 oz 55

Sugar 1 tbsp 55

Syrup 1 tbsp 55

Vegetables Amount Calories

Asparagus 2/3 cup cooked 20

Beets 1 cup fresh 75

Bell Pepper 1 medium 20

Black Beans 1/2 cup cooked 100

Broccoli 2/3 cup cooked 30

Broccoli sprouts 1/2 cup 5

Brussel Sprouts 1/2 cup - cooked 30

Butternut squash 1/2 cup 49 cal

Cabbage - Bok Choy 1 cup cubed 9

Cabbage - Green 1 cup raw 15

Cabbage - Green 2/3 cup cooked 25

Cabbage - Purple 1 cup cubed 20

Cabbage - Savoy 1 cup cubed 19

Carrots - raw baby 2/3 cup cooked 30

Cauliflower 2/3 cup cooked 15

Celery 1-8inch stalk 6

Chick Peas cooked 1/2 cup 134

Cooked Okra 1/2 cup 27

Corn 1/2 cup cooked 85

Corn-on-cob 1 medium ear 75

Cucumber 8 slices 10

Eggplant 1/2 cup cooked 40

Garbanzo Beans 1/2 cup cooked 135

Garlic 5 cloves 22

Green beans - cooked 1/2 cup cooked 25

Kale - cooked 1/2 cup 17

Kidney Beans 1/2 cup cooked 110

Lentils - cooked 1/2 cup 115

Lettuce 1/2 head 10

Lima Beans 1/2 cup cooked 115

Navy Beans 1/2 cup cooked 130

Onion 1/2 cup chopped raw 30

Onion 1/2 cup cooked 40

Peas - 1/2 cup cooked or can 70

Pinto Beans 1/2 cup cooked 118

Potato 4 oz cooked 85

Potato - baked with skin 1 medium 133

Pumpkin 1/2 can 42

Ripe Olive 1 large 12

Romaine Lettuce 2 cups 16

Sauerkraut - cooked 2/3 cup cooked 25

Sauerkraut - from jar 1/2 cup 44

Shiitake Mushroom 1/2 cup cooked 40

Soybean 1/2 cup cooked 105

Spinach 2/3 cup cooked 30

Sweet Potato 1/2 large cooked 140

Tofu 3 oz 64

Tomato 1 medium 35

Tomato juice 1/2 cup 20

Turnip 2/3 cup cooked 30

Spreads & toppings Amount Calories

Butter 1 tsp 35

French Dressing 2 tbsp 105

Lard 15 gm 130

Mayo 1 tbsp 105

Peanut Butter 2 tbsp 190

White Sauce/Gravy 1/4 cup 105

Margarine Amount Calories

Benecol 1 tub 90

Benecol light 1 tub 45

Brummel & Brown 1 tub 45

Fleischman's Light 1 tub 40

Promise 1 stick 90

Promise 1 tub 80

Promise Buttery Light 1 tub 45

Promise Fat Free 1 tub 5

Promise Light 1 stick 50

Promise Ultra 1 tub 35

Smart Balance 1 tub 80

Smart Beat 1 tub 20

Take Control 1 tub 50

Take Control Light 1 tub 40

Margarine 28 gm 204

OILS Amount Calories

Canola 1 tbsp 120

Corn 1 tbsp 120

Fat 1 gm 9

Olive 1 tbsp 120

Peanut 1 tbsp 120

Safflower 1 tbsp 120

Sunflower 1 tbsp 120

Vegetable 1 tbsp 120

Drinks/Liquid Amount Calories

Beer 8 oz 120

Cocktail 1 oz 205

Coffee with 1 tsp cream & sugar 1 cup 45

Cranberry Juice/Splenda 1 cup 40

Distilled Spirits 1 oz 80

Eggnog 1 oz 350

Hot Tea 1 cup 2

Wine 4 oz 100

Dairy Amount Calories

Buttermilk 1 cup 85

Cream 28 gm 3

1Milk - whole 1 cup 165

Skim Milk 1 cup 85

Cheese Amount Calories

Cheddar Cheese 1 cubic inch 125

Cottage Cheese 1/2 cup 95

Custard 1/2 cup 150

Egg 1 medium boiled 80

Ice Cream 1/2 cup 165

Light Cream 1/8 cup 60

Parmesan -grated 2 tsp 57

Sheep Cheese 100 gm 410

Yogurt 100 gm 95

Breads/ Grains/Nuts Amount Calories

Almonds 14 whole 90

Brown Rice 1/2 cup cooked 170

Cereal 1/2 cup cooked 80

Cooked Spaghetti 1 cup 197

Dry Quick Oats 1/2 cup cooked 155

Fennel Seeds 1 tbsp 20

Flaxseed 1 tsp 42

Graham Crackers 2 pieces 80

Pancake 1 medium size 80

Peanut Butter 1 tbsp 90

Peanuts 16 whole 90

Pecan 12 whole 90

Pistachios 1 oz/ 47 whole nuts 160

Pumpkin seeds 1 oz 160

Quinoa (keen-wah) 1/2 cup cooked 127

Sesame seeds 1 oz 160

Soda Crackers 3 crackers 80

Sunflower seeds 1 oz 160

Waffle 6 inch/2oz 250

Walnuts 6 whole walnuts 90

Wheat Germ 2 tbsp 50

White Rice 1/2 cup cooked 170

Whole Grain Bread 1 slice 80




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