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Do I have a Cold, Flu or H1N1

Updated on October 16, 2009
Protective Kiss
Protective Kiss
A Little note from the Flu...
A Little note from the Flu...

Now that we are approaching flu season it is very important to take the necessary precautions needed to prevent catching it and or infecting others. During this time of year, and with the recent Swine Flu epidemic it is highly recommended to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

If you happen to sneeze, sneeze into your elbow so you may avoid getting unnecessary germs on your hands and transferring it onto the next surface or person you come in contact with.

The seasonal influenza vaccine is especially important in obtaining this year, and it is also recommended that you also take the vaccine to prevent the onset of H1N1, otherwise known as the swine flu.

For those of you not yet aware a new vaccine was created and tested to prevent you from getting the swine flu as well. This new virus can be easily confused with the flu itself, but must be diagnosed by a physician in order to rule out which one is affecting you as they both have similar symptoms, which consist of fever, more painful body aches, diarrhea; dry cough and severe fatigue.

Therefore, if experiencing any of the symptoms outlined above please seek medical care immediately as doctors are afraid if not treated timely it can result in one having to be admitted to the hospital or even worse death since it is likely that any given person can obtain both viruses at the same time, which of course will further complicate matters.

The common cold which usually last up to three to five days and can in itself make someone miserable is more common this time of year than the actual flu, but those that are at high risk of catching the H1N1 are children between the ages of 6 months to 25 years old, pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions such as asthma, heart or lung disease and diabetes.

This year we lost many due to the swine flu and many other cases have been reported where the individual made a full recovery. Don’t take any chances with your health or that of a loved one. Please make sure to get both vaccines this year and forget the side effects involved if you never took a flu shot in your life. Many have said that the first time you get the vaccine you develop flu like symptoms which may last a few days, but that’s okay for it will go away and you will be better off having it in the long run.

If already ridden with the flu, please stay away from others. Stay home for at least 24 hours after the fever breaks, and make sure you drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.

Copyright © 2009~Alma Gonzalez


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    • mymagicview profile image

      Rohan Jagtap 8 years ago from Maharashtra

      You know that your this hub is number 500000!!!!!!!!??? Read hubpages blog!!!! Congrates!!! You are so lucky!!!

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      bayareagreatthing 8 years ago from Bay Area California

      Great and practical advice!