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Do Neti Pots Work?

Updated on January 8, 2012

Natural Sinus Relief

Do you suffer from severe sinus and allergies? If you answered yes you most likely can testify to how painful and annoying the lingering headaches, face pain and clogged nasal passages can be. You are also most likely familiar with nasal saline’s, which is the use of salt water to help flush out the nasal cavity. There are several methods of nasal saline irrigation, but the Neti Pot has been in the spot light lately, and the big questions are, do they work, and how do they work?

Do these Neti Pots really work? They certainly do! Many who suffer from severe sinus and allergy symptoms highly recommend this product. In fact throat, nose and ears surgeons recommend the Neti Pot to their patients recovering from surgery. They say the Neti Pot helps to clear any crusting in the nasal passages, and agree that they are very effective for sinus relief as well. Your Nasal and sinus cavities are lined with cilia, which are tiny hair-like structures that wave back and forth. The cilia pushes mucus forward to be blown out of the nose, or back toward the throat to be swallowed. Saline solution increases the speed of this process and removes bacteria, allergens and other irritants that cause sinus problems more effectively.

Every Thing Your Need To Know About Neti-Pots

Using a Neti Pot is simple to use and step by step instructions are provided with every new Neti Pot. If you have questions on how to use a Neti Pot, or are unsure that the Neti Pot is for you, consulting your nose and throat doctor to get you more familiar with the process is highly recommended. The Neti Pot is shaped much like a tiny tea pot. When the Neti Pot is filled with lukewarm water with the right amount of salt solution, you simply tilt your head over the sink at a 45 degree angle and pour the fluid into the one nostril until it goes through the nasal cavity and pours out the other nostril. At times you may experience some of this going down your throat which is fine, just spit it out and make sure to blow your nose to get rid of any remaining fluid in the nasal cavity.

Are Neti Pots safe? Yes they are generally safe, however everyone is different and some are more sensitive to salt than others. If you have any concerns it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor to see if the Neti Pot is right for you. For those who are regular users of the Neti Pot, only 10% have experienced any side effects, including nasal irritation, stinging, and nose bleeds which are extremely rare. Irritations can be prevented by reducing the amount of salt in the solution and changing the temperature of the water.

How often should I be using my Neti Pot. For thosewho suffer from severe sinus and allergy symptoms could benefit from using the Neti Pot once a day, or at least three times a week until symptoms reside is plenty.  Most folks will only use the neti pot on a need to basis.

If you haven't already tried a Neti Pot and suffer from severe sinus and allergy symptoms don't wait any longer, for less than a night out to the movies, you could get natural sinus relief.  No over the counter prescription medications that make you drowsy, no addicting nasal sprays, just a saline solution with some lukewarm water, that's it!


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