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Do You Believe in Natural Remedies?

Updated on September 29, 2009

What brought this all on?

I ran into an article recently from Science Daily  That stated that extra virgin olive oil might help prevent Alzheimer's Disease. It seems that Oleocanthal, a naturally-occurring compound found in extra-virgin olive oil, might actually inhibit some of the factors contributing to Alzheimer's.  Now to me this seemed odd but I remembered that my Grandfather was alert til the day he died and he was a fan of olive oil- he even used as a suntan lotion when he worked out side. The thing was that something as simple as a vegetable oil might cure something that doctors have been trying to cure for years. Now the article never stated that it cured anything but it got me thinking.

I have known people who have successfully treated Aids with nutrition. I don't know that it was cured but they seemed to have returned to the apparency of normal life. Could this mean that many of our health problems are caused by our lousy diets? It is possible but I have no idea to what degree it might be true.

Any way the point is that I realized that I have some natural remedies that I use without thinking.

Honey Performs a Miricle With Burns

One day I was cooking something with oil and some how I spilled some hot oil on the space between my left thumb and fingers. It really hurt and was starting to blister when a co-worker, who had just returned from Starbucks, opened a honey packet she had gotten for her coffee and proceeded to smear this gooey mess all over my damaged hand.

I was shocked! What the $%*#$@ was she doing? To my amazement however, with in a few minutes the pain was gone and the burn was completely gone in a day or two.

It seems that there is an enzyme in honey that handles burns far beyond anything that I ever even imagined possible.  Since that day I have kept honey on hand and I am a firm believer in its miraculous properties.

Other Natural Cures

While I can't say that I have ever experienced any thing else that performed as well as honey, I am a fan of garlic for preventing colds and keeping the immune system in good shape.  There used to be a product called Flu-Buster that used Garlic, harbinero juice, and a few other herbs and it would knock out a flu or cold in about 24 hours- but it burned all the way down.  Garlic also has other health benefits as well. In fact garlic has been known as a cholesterol lowerer, blood pressure reducer, blood sugar balancer, cancer combatant, fungus fighter, bronchitis soother,  wart remover, and immune system toner, so it has a reputation. It also keeps vampires away and if you are a recluse it tends to keep those pesky people away.

Now it is not the best flu remedy I know though, the best natural remedy for the flu is a homeopathic remedy called occilliococum which is right up there with honey as long as you take it when you first notice the symptoms. It literally bypasses the whole getting sick thing and you never get the flu.

My step father cured his arthritis by taking a drink made of apple cider vinegar and honey (theres that honey again.) once a day.  He swears by it. Apple cider vinegar is another one of those cure alls that has been used to cure every thing from athletes foot to high blood pressure.  I have no personal experiences but I take my stepfathers word for it.

There are a wealth of natural cures available and they all work to some degree.  In my experience only a few have dramatic results but I am no expert in the area. So if you know of a good one I'd like to know about it.


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    • GreenMathDr profile image

      GreenMathDr 8 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by and I'm not sure I'd like to know everything because I really like learning things. Still there are many things that could come in handy.

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 8 years ago from South Wales

      There's a lot we don't know about. Good hub, well done.