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Do You Suffer From Subversive Personality Disorder?

Updated on July 14, 2012

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Subversive Personality Disorder Test

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Do You Suffer From Subversive Personality Disorder?

While the divorce of Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes is a tragedy for their family, I doubt Scientology is to blame for it. Although I am certain Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes pub lists would all have us believe religion torn them apart. Personally I would like to respect this very public families desire to deal with this matter privately. Sadly, that is not the case for everyone. I am not certain who I blame more the fallen away Scientologists who wish to blame the church or the media for giving them a forum.

This is an odd occurrence in the USA as we are dealing with one of the closest presidential races in the last century. With respect to Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes their divorce is trivial in this election cycle.

When I hear anything about this celebrity divorce I immediately turn off the television but unfortunately I was in someone else’s home and I had to hear a brief interview with an ex-scientologist about subversive personalities. I laughed so hard my ribs ached. Only in this country is this even a debate. Maybe Scientology is a cult and maybe it is not but the people on the television are selling Jim Jones Kool Aid everyday.

Of course people in America are subversive people. It is what makes this country so unique. We constantly challenge authority and it is through these challenges which leaderships are established. The USA has a history of the people over throwing the government and forming a new government. This happened with the Federalist papers, the Articles of the Confederation, the Constitution and finally the Patriot Act. There is constantly a siege in this country from which our leaders never quite escape.

Ten Signs You Maybe a Subversive Person

1. You are a free thinker. You are free of being hindered by other

peoples’ opinions and are not afraid to have a descending opinion.

Judge Rehnquist, God rest his soul, was a master at this. This was

especially true when he wrote an opinion that the Central Intelligence

Agency could not be centralized and intelligent. Aristotle, Socrates

and Plato also were free thinkers and also considered brilliant.

2 You are original and creative. These people are considered in societies

that support them to be artists. They are creative, original, and while

they appreciate other artists work, they have their own unique message

for which they alone must share.

3. You question authority and feel the world is run by The Peter Principle.

You more competent than your boss and believe the excellence of your

work should be enough to please your employer and not have to kiss

butt at work?

4. You question everything and have doubts about what people tell you.

5. You believe you should make your own decisions because you have live with the consequences.

6. You believe in making things at home or fixing things that are broken yourself.

7. You don’t always say what people want to hear but rather what they need to hear.

8. You would rather lead because at least you know the country would make progress.

9. You believe change is slow because there is opposing forces

attempting to maintain the status quo.

10.You believe those who do, get and those who take never go hunger again!!

American Love

I am thinking of all of the groups who could be label subversive personalities in particular it concerns me because subversive personalities seems like code for homosexual or perhaps Tea Party members. I personally love the diversity in the USA and I am glad we have people who are considered subversive personalities. I love our creative geniuses that are our artists and muses. Our Scientists who must think for themselves and study every intricate detail regardless of what they are told who are the foundation of our research and development industry that has paid our country so handsomely. By definition Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein would be subversive persons as well as Cole Porter and many other famous Americans. I think we can love every American regardless of their religious affiliation.

In Conclusion

The USA has been struggling lately but there was a glimmer of hope on July 4, 2012. It was a day of celebration. We could almost remember that Americans love each other even with all of our idiosyncrasies. And while we welcome our international neighbors as our brothers and sisters we also cherish what makes America so great and that is the ability of the American people to rise up and to not only adapt and achieve but the mandate of being American which is to always overcome. And we do overcome all barriers and boundaries that are in our way even if that means we have to rise up against our own government for not doing the business of the people. We do this because we love our country and because we love each other which is something I think many of us have not remember since 9/12/12.

It is easy for the wealthy to label the poor as subversive but truth be told we are all struggling to achieve and wouldn’t it be a better world if we did not label and judge each other but support each other with love. So my heart is open to all subversive personalities as it is the American way.


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