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World Peace, a New Paradigm is it possible?

Updated on June 19, 2014

World Peace

World Peace, is it possible?

September 21st has been dedicated as World peace day. Is peace a possibility? In 1981, UN declared this date for World Peace, and the following year, it was began. .Have you ever wanted World peace? Have you ever wished that war and greed would just vanish? I am from the hippie generation. Peace we chanted over and over; day in and day out. This was in the 1960’s. As I look back, that period was a time of ideology. Now many decades later, and with a little bit more wisdom under my belt, I have noticed that people still say they wish for peace. I though must ask, if we are seeking peace, why are we attaching a price tag to it? When we think that peace can only occur, when a certain religion, culture or political system becomes extinct, then we have sat up a price tag

Confusion used to occupy a place in my head, especially in areas streamlining towards peace. How can a state of peace be accomplished, when human beings lack the ability to get along? This state of peace blankets over areas of family, friends, political and social community structures. How can we have peace when our own communities have turmoil within their structure? Who will step down, knowing they have to give up their beliefs for another? Would you? Would I? What would happen if schools permitted open prayer to any deity, a person chooses? Would you be comfortable knowing the child next to yours is praying to a Pagan deity? Are you willing to embrace another’s point of view, which is opposite of yours, for the name of peace? Can we embrace democracy, when we totally believe in socialism, or vice versa? What would you be willing to give up, in the name of World peace?

Throughout my many decades of living, I have witnessed one common denominator in peoples’ behavioral patterns. They have very little tolerance towards others of different beliefs, or lifestyles. They purposely label anyone who is diverse as demonic, crazy, stupid, black sheep, and the list is infinite. How many claim to be the black sheep of their family? How many have been given this label? If our family cannot embrace us, how can we manage World Peace? We can by finding another way.

People are not willing to give up much, if anything. Their need to be right, and to do things in accordance to those beliefs will surpass any desire for peace. Many believe peace can only come when judgment day arrives, or when the hand of karma smites the person who did them ill. It is my contention, we just have not discovered another way.

World Peace

Do you believe we will ever have world peace?

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Global Peace

World Peace and Religion

Can Different Religions become congenial? World peace would seek tolerance of all religions, not just one. Having a singular religious system is not conducive to world peace. This has been tried before, and it has proven to be deadly. In our concrete reality, there are those who truly have signed on to the following concepts: only one religion, one God, and for the rest who cannot be convinced of its ‘truth’, they will have to take the consequences. Hell is the road they speak of, and for some this is just insanity. It is for me. Can I tolerate such a concept? What if they choose to push it on me, or my family? Do I just permit this? Do I just go along with a dogma that goes against my grain? These are questions that still remain in my mind and heart. Religious freedom is a strong value for me. It is something I believe we all deserve. This means to honor others’ beliefs which go against mine. I wondered if there might be another way, so I went searching.

At one point in my life, I believed if I could debate with them, I could persuade them to see the value of my ideas. All I needed was to get them to take me seriously, plus agree and embrace my ideas. Oh, I failed. This was because I myself was not permitting them to be themselves. That was bitter pill to swallow, but it seemed to be the way for me. I had to learn to not seek to change people. . I had to give up my need to control. I might not agree with them, but I could come from a point of understanding why they do the things they do.

Is there another way? I have found one. I am sure there are more. I am learning to embrace this concept, each human being is on their own mission. We do not know what it entails. It is not for us to be their judger. It though is for us to find a common denominator that we can use as a thread to help evolve the consciousness of the world. Can this, in itself, bring World Peace? I have no answer for that. I can only hope so, but I cannot view the future evolving of us humans. It though can do one thing, which I have experienced, bring inner peace. Inner peace is a blessing. The release of trying to convince others into being carbon copies of us, is finished

Global Consciousness

Bruce Lipton on Global Consciousness

.This is an excellent video on global consciousness. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a biologist and speaks clearly for the layman. It is a long video, yet so worth the listen. His books have aided my journey.

World Peace

Another Way?

World peace, in my opinion, will never occur, in the terms many people describe it. I do, however, believe it does exist. It actually can begin for you today, if you seek to choose another way. I have been discovering a way of living my life in the aura of peace. Peace does not exclude me from experiencing life’s obstacles. We will always have challenges. This is how we learn and grow. There has been a paradigm shift slowly emerging, in me. It is slowly nudging out the old outdated one. I can honestly tell you that I feel it within me. My world has become a reflection of this peace, more than it ever has. When I am living with peace, the outside world matches it. This outside world, still consists of war, poverty and other disasters, but now I see the beauty more than the destruction. What is occurring inside me, is a shift of consciousness. The new is slowly taking place of the old consciousness.

Peace is not forcing others to do your bidding. Peace is not a world full of one religion, one nation, or one this and that. Why would it be? Earth was never created as a one unit of anything. Yet, we as humans are bound and determine to create this delusion. If you look deeply in this, you will see this power struggle. You can notice it easily. It is the one that always circled around a concept that is aligned to having the one and only true system.

Be the light

World Peace & New Paradigm

I have used the words new paradigm, a few times in this blog. I feel, it is best to give you my definition. Mine is not in accordance to any group’s concepts. It to me is simply discovering a new way for oneself. .It is learning to usher in the concept that we can only save ourselves. There is nothing or nobody coming to fix or save our earth. There is nothing coming to wipe out our earth completely, until its own time for extinction. I do not believe in this apocalypse that will be brought on by an angry God. I do believe we each are responsible for our own ‘deliverance.’ We each must seek what is true for us. My truth could very well not be yours. It could go totally against all that you do believe. Can we though not cherish this fact: we both are existing? In this existence, each of us will have a broad range of experiences. We each are going through something at this time. If we change our perspective, perhaps we can change our view of life.

Perspective is a key. . What if peace can only come from within us? If this might be possible, what would it offer us? It offers us a new perspective in viewing our world. A change in perspective will release the need to gossip, criticize and, judge another person. There is also another side to this, which we too will receive. It does free us from seeking another’s approval. It frees us from feeling insecure, when another holds a different opinion. We do not have the need to embark on the road of convincing people we are right, so we can feel okay. It diminishes approval stroking. At this point, we can begin to experience world peace inside our being. The need of always looking outside of us to find someone to validate us disappears;

Peace and You

A different way, brings the knock of peace to your door. What would you do, when peace comes a knocking? Can you delve deep into your heart, so you can receive the invitation it gave you? Another way of looking at this is; you are being given an invitation to exploring unconditional love within your heart. Unconditional love is what has been whispered to us for eons to follow. It is the way of peace. Humankind has continuously ignored it, and opted for pride, hate and greed.

In our life, we each have had this occurrence, when peace comes and asks you to listen. We have it many times throughout a lifetime. It doesn’t ask you to let go of any of your beliefs. It will not ask you to leave your family, religion, job or whatever is important to you. It will only seek to ask you to begin the journey of understanding. We are not carbon copies of each other. So far, we haven’t been cloned into one pattern. We each have a mind that can ask questions. Let your mind stretch out, and feed its thirst to learn. Keep what works, and omit what doesn’t. At the same time, change your perspective. The world is not your problem. Only you are. If you cannot be of a peaceful mind, without judging another’s belief system, then you are seeking something, which is totally out of alignment with your whole being. I call this our true self. We are in desperate need for a consciousness shift. We need to usher in a new paradigm, or be lost because people could not be released from the eons of brainwashing they have been subjected too since their birth. We can change. We can stop making excuses. We can find another way.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Demetre. We cant have one without the other, for we need the yin and yang.

    • Demetre Winfield profile image

      Demetre A Winfield 

      5 years ago from chicago

      I think there needs to be chaos in the world. It keeps a balance that should be kept. I used to be all about the world peace thing till i realized this. I personally am a peaceful person, but i understand that chaos is needed. Great hub. voted up


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