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Do You Skip Your Breakfast ?

Updated on June 23, 2014

Research says 3 out of 8 people skip their breakfasts. Breakfast is one meal that comes after a break of 8 long hours and gives the fuel for the whole day. It is the most Important meal and hence should be made up of right sources of energy.

Unfortunately, we skip our breakfasts because either we do not have time to cook or we want to sleep in the available hours. Few of us get so busy making breakfast for kids and family that we forget to eat ourselves.

Breakfast boosts your metabolism and like gas in your car it gives you fuel to burn your calories for the whole day. When you skip your breakfast your brain is busy finding food for you, making you unable to concentrate on work. This also leads to unhealthy eating patterns. Snaking fast foods, multiple tea coffee. Eating breakfast not only helps you concentrate on work but also boosts your brain power, so why skip.

After 8 long hour of sleep and gap, your body needs a good supply of glucose. But that doesn't mean sugar, it should be a right combination of ingredients for your body and brain. Breakfast should be healthy, a little heavy and made up of proteins and carbohydrates

Few healthy breakfast ideas

Lets see some really easy and simple breakfast options. These can be done in no time and have a good nutritional value too. Planning a little ahead will give you more saving on time in the morning. Keep the stock ready and make yourself much healthier than before. A healthier breakfast helps you perform better at workplace, add to your skin and makes you a star so easily.

So here we go on a simpler yet healthier breakfast options



A good mix of fruits like apple, banana, orange etc is better than a glass of juice. Eating raw fruits instead of juice alone provides fibre as well. Take these with a bowl of yoghurt for a healthier fuller breakfast. They can also be added to your cereals. Fruits are real time savers too, you can eat a banana or an apple while driving or walking to your office.


Cornflakes, muesli with fruits, milk and sugar form a great and a easy breakfast. Good thing is they don't require any cooking and are ready in no time. For people in a hurry this serves as a very good option. A idea is to always keep a box of these in office, and incase you miss your breakfast due to any reason make a bowl with milk from coffee machine and be ready for the day. Cereals give you a good energy diet to begin your day with



Take a mix of or any one of your favourite fruit and blend it with milk (or yoghurt) and sugar and have this smoothie. Very rich, very filling and excellent for a few hours. The sugar gives you and your brain a good diet till next meal. Try banana, peach, berry smoothies and make them a routine. If you feel heavy with milk, try the yogurt alternative, its much lighter and healthier too



Oatmeal like whole grains is great in providing the carbs for the body. Best part is it doesn't get absorbed at one go and make you feel hungry in few hours, instead it gets absorbed slowly giving you energy for the whole day. It's one of the ideal breakfast. Add milk and sugar and cook for a few minutes and you have a healthy, heavy and quick breakfast.



Can be cooked in a variety everyday. Eggs contain ample of protein hence takes time to digest and makes you feel full for longer. This helps your brain functioning at its best and without snack break. With eggs you can take them boiled, sunny side up, omelette, scramble eggs, egg sandwich, french toast, if time permits yummy frittatas, egg Benedict, egg florentine etc etc...Just a wow list of recipes and combine them with multi grain toasts to make a complete meal


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