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Do not do diet fads and do not do diet pills. You have to eat and workout.

Updated on November 24, 2014

Working out is indeed a reward because you end up feeling better about yourself.

You Can Do It Too.

As I'm studying to become a Certified Fitness Trainer--things I will not instruct clients to do--DO NOT TAKE DIET PILLS, DO NOT GO ON DIETS, DO NOT DO ANY DIET FADS--time and time again, I have seen results and see that people fall off these things and blow up again and EVEN if--
You get a stomach operation, to shrink your stomach, you have to have the sheer will to change your lifestyle.
You can not STARVE yourself. When you start working out you seriously do need probably a calorie count of 2,000 to 2,,500 BECAUSE YOU WILL BE WORKING OUT.
Now I'm no doctor and you will have to consult with a doctor and will probably say that your going to start working out.
You have to know, that you kind do have to EAT to LOSE WEIGHT.
At first you aren't going to see results, it takes time BUT know that you are starting to change and you have to know just like a car, a car has to be properly maintained right, or it will not work.

You are a living machine and have to take care of your insides.

Alot of those diet fads have tons of sodium in the foods which is seriously BAD FOR YOU.
Diet Pills act just like "speed" and that is a drug and sometimes it can end up putting people in the emergency room because it gives them jitters and such and that is not good for your heart.

You have to eat "normal" and when I sit and tell you the things you shouldn't eat you are not going to like it and get pissy but you actually still will be eating and eating everyday. You won't be starving yourself at all.

The word "diet" should be taken out of our vocabulary and we should be saying "nutrition" and better yet "proper nutrition".

The foods today that are processed have so much sodium. Do you know you don't have to cook without any salt at all? You don't even have to keep salt in your house, just get rid of it.
Salt is slowly like a poison that is "toxic" and yes we do need salt BUT you don't have to add it food, it is naturally in food already.

It is always good to cut down on sodium period.

Remember Fad Diet and Diet Pills are only suppose to be part of your lifestyle, but people get addicted to those things and that is not good.

From people that I personally know, none of them do crazy diets or diet pills.

In fact they actually eat a lot. But of course they are working out so once again like a car that has to be maintained and needs fuel, that is what we have to do for ourselves.

Once again I will never ever instruct anyone to take diet pills or do the diet fads of anything and I will never endorse those type of products because I know how bad it really is for people.
Those type of things should seriously be taken off the shelves.

People will do what they want to do, but remember the product Slim Fast? People were actually getting "kidney stones" from them and yes you can goggle and look it up, it probably will be somewhere on the internet about that.

People just need to eat better and workout, that is all you have to do. You can not just do one or the other.

Granted I think I might be a little bit better at the working out part then the nutrition part myself, but I always say I am a work in progress and learning as I am studying more and more.

The one thing I honestly care is about people's health and thought I may not become a doctor, I want to be a certified fitness trainer because in this world in the world of fitness you do seem have to have some certification to legally work and help people out.

I know this is something that I can really give from myself to other people

I have always loved fitness, even though there were times when I didn't workout but ended up getting back to gyms and fitness centers.

I have seen the most positive people in fitness centers because they do care a lot about themselves.

Yes, there are many different people that work out at centers, not just body builders, just regular every day people. It is great to see people pushing themselves to get a better body.

Not everyone wants to be a body builder, they just want to feel better about themselves and even moderation with working out is good for anyone.

Of course at first it is very hard for anyone. Believe me I still get pissed off in the gym at myself because I am not at a level where I want to be right now, but it will take time.

I am not ripped yet and don't have a full formation of a 6 pack. But slowly and surely I will obtain the way I want to transform my body because I been working on my body.

So things that I know I want to help those that don't know, or don't know where to start and help people.

I think if there is something I have always enjoyed so much in my life, why not get certified and help others that want to know, even just to begin.

I think it will be something positive I can do with something I have always loved and enjoyed.

Yes of course working out is painful. Why do you think they call it working out? You can't say it's like a day at the spa and granted at some fitness centers there are spa things there but you should get what I mean.

Working out is seriously not a punishment because in reality, working out actually helps you to feel much better about yourself inside and out.


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