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Do Doctors Truly and Sincerely Care for Your Wellbeing?

Updated on June 15, 2016


I recently tore my menisci muscles. How is another long story. I was in such an indescribable pain from the onset. After a week, when I could bear it no longer, I went to see my doctor. My doctor tells me that I have torn menisci as my knee was pretty swollen and told me that I needed an x-ray. The x-ray was done which showed there we nothing wrong. Meanwhile, I am still limping and in unbearable pain. I go again to see her and she suggests I go for an MRI. I did what she asked me to do. The report from the lab says there is nothing wrong. How can there be nothing wrong when I am limping, my knee is swollen and there is so much pain?

After a couple of weeks, when there is no healing in sight, I visit my doctor again. She prescribed Naprelan to me (500 mg x 28 tables) which I understand is the right medication for pain killing; however, she then prescribes me Tecta DR 40MG tables (56 of them). I was a bit doubtful so I went online and did some searching. Tecta is for treating symptoms of GERD, including heartburn and acid regurgitation. I was a bit shocked. When I never complained of any heartburn or similar ailment, why the prescription? Because I was so upset, I never purchased any of the prescribed medication and started doing my own thing. I massaged by knee daily, put ice-pack, heating pad, etc. until the limping was gone and I could walk straight.

Another shocking thing was that I asked the doctor to renew my blood pressure medication. Because we sometimes have blind faith in these doctors, I never bothered looking at the printed paper. I went to buy the prescription and the pharmacist told me that my dosage had increased. I was stunned. I told the lady there was no way I was going to take the new dosage because I had not been notified or consulted about it. The pharmacist tells me that they will fax the prescription to the doctor's office to clarify and then only would they issue me my regular dosage. The next day, I checked again with the pharmacist's office. My prescription was not faxed (and I was already out of medication) so I had to pay a visit again to the doctor's office. The doctor would surely be happy..............swipe my card and get some money from the government..... It happened that my regular doctor was busy so another doctor saw me. I related to him what had happened. It turns out that this doctor is the traditional one know.... who shows empathy and knows what to do ..........he measured my blood pressure with the manual method using the pump and the readings turned out normal so he gave me the right prescription. The girl who walked me to the waiting room took my blood pressure with this small hand-held machine that fell on the floor. She picks it up, measures my pressure and tells me it is high. Hello! The machine fell on the floor for Pete's sake. I told her to take the reading again which she did with the machine held in her hand and my arm resting on the chair. It read high. I WAS NOT HAPPY!!

So the moral of writing this hub is that you have to be smart and question what the doctor prescribes you. Can you imagine what the outcome would be if I had taken Tecta for no reason and if I had agreed to go with the higher dosage of my BP medication? This is what doctor's do to you. They do not have any sincere concern for YOUR health. All they are concerned about is that you make many unnecessary visits so that your card is swiped and their bank balances get higher. I have totally lost faith in my doctor and am now searching for a "replacement".


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