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Does Green Tea Equal Weight Loss

Updated on November 12, 2014

Actually - Green Tea Works

Many are aware of the advantages of green tea intake. But how many of us actually know the many varieties of tea? Can you lose weight just depending on green tea? Well, consumption of this organic green liquid gives best results when combined with the following ideas.

Substitute Sweetened Beverages with Tea

The amount of sugar we get through soda pop, juice, and bottled iced tea/sweet tea is incredible. Sugary drinks are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic.

“Sugary drinks (soda, energy, sports drinks) are the top calorie source in teens’ diets (226 calories per day), beating out pizza (213 calories per day).” Source:

However, drinking sugar filled beverages not only causes obesity but also it can increase a person’s risk of developing diabetes. When you desire a cold refreshing drink, a hot beverage won’t be your choice. This is where our Iced Sencha comes into picture.

Chilled sencha serves as an excellent drink on a hot day. You can even fill it in bottles and have it whenever you crave for those sugary beverages. Over time, your body will start loving the wonderful vegetal taste of the tea and you will soon realise the advantages of green tea drinks.

Green Tea as Beverage

Incredible Sweet Tea
Incredible Sweet Tea | Source

Schedule Exercise with Matcha

Next time while you head out for gym or cardio do not forget to grab your matcha bottle. The taste will refresh you plus the caffeine will give you an extra boost of energy. Adding matcha to water helps you replace sugary sports drinks and energy drinks...

Matcha Powder Green Tea

The great thing about matcha powder is that, you can add it to pretty much anything you fancy.
The great thing about matcha powder is that, you can add it to pretty much anything you fancy. | Source

Boosts Your Healthy Diet

There are enormous advantages of green tea intake in your daily diet. Whether for weight loss or no weight loss it is great for overall wellness. Moreover, it helps you to get rid of unhealthy eating habits. As matcha has great flavour it won’t let the burger or some latte filled calorie drink creep into your mind.

Be Careful With the Promotions

You may have come across a lot of claims guarantying how their product aids weight loss. It is important to check their sources and credentials before buying and consuming them.


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    • profile image

      Arman 3 years ago

      I am a regular drinker of green tea... influenced by chef sanjeev kapoors video posted on robertson shizuoka youtube.