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Does O.J.Simpson have brain damage

Updated on May 29, 2009

brain damaged football players and wrestlers die from advanced brain damage at middle age

Could it be true that O.J.Simpson's brain was damged during his football career and that his damaged brain was the reason he may have killed his wife and her friend and or lover Ron Goldman that he was charged with killing during his trial?

I found a story online at and the date of the story was sept.21,2007 by Chadwick Martin staff reporter for a publication titled "Big Money" wrote the story called Squeezing O.J.'S Brain asking the question could football related injuries explain O.J. Simpson's erratic behavior?

Former Eagles defensive back Andre Waters committed suicide in 2006.His family had his brain inspected by a forensic pathologist who reported that Walters brain was like that of an octigenarian (an eighty year old man)he died at age 50.

Then there is a professional wrestler who killed his wife and son and committed suicide who had been found to have massive brain damage after an autopsy was done.Doctors say that damage to the frontal and temporal lobes that control feeding,fighting,and the sex drive.That might explain O.J.'S relationship with his wife as well as her relationship with her friend and or lover Ron Goldman.

As Chadwick says we may never really know if brain damage was a factor in O.J.'S case until he dies and his brain ever gets analyzed by a pathologist.

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