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Does Phenibut Improve Immune System Function?

Updated on September 19, 2014

Phenibut and the Immune System

Phenibut, developed in the USSR, is a drug that can work miracles for your deteriorating immune system. The recently conducted studies have confirmed its incredible effects in enhancing immunity. The drug has created waves in the field of traditional western medicine due to its highly efficient mode of action and long ranging benefits. Since strengthening the immune system is the first step towards prevention of diseases; pharmacists predict that in the coming years this drug will revolutionize the field of medicine.

Need for Phenibut

People in the western world, from all walks of life, deal with the demon of stress. The highly competitive world forces them to overwork to make ends meet. Stress, combined with an unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits, renders their immune system weak. Consequently, people fall sick more often, hence there is a decrease in productivity and increase in hospital bills. Clearly, there is a dire need for a drug that strengthens the immune system and makes the body capable to fight disease causing pathogens. This need is further elevated due to the increasing number and types of micro organisms which attack the human body.

While stress and unnatural lifestyle together work havoc on the immune system, Phenibut has emerged as a ray of hope. It works on the immune system while relieving stress and thus helps in shielding the body from various pathogenic micro organisms.

Phenibut and Psycho-emotional State

An animal study was conducted to analyze the effect of Phenibut on psycho-emotional state and behavior patterns of mice and rats under the conditions of suppressed immunogenesis. The results and conclusions made from the study were remarkable and path shattering.

For the study, rats and mice were injected with cyclophosphamide and their behavior and immune responses were studied. Next, they were administered with Phenibut (25mg/kg) and Baclophen (10mg/kg). It was observed that their immune system was restored with functional activity and the disturbances in their behavioral patterns were corrected.

Stress and anxiety of modern lifestyle has a detrimental effect on the psycho-emotional state of people which in turn weakens their immune system. Phenibut can tackle this problem effectively by relieving stress and restoring functional activity of the immune system.

Immunocorrective Activity of Phenibut

Another study conducted tested the effectiveness of Phenibut showed excellent results. This was a comparative study done for determining the Immunocorrective activity of the drug.

Animals that had cyclophosphamide induced immunosuppression were administered with Phenibut. It was observed that this drug along with its derivatives regularized both humoral and cellular immunity. It also normalized the lymphoproliferative processes in the immunocompetent organs of both rats and mice.

Clearly, Phenibut has a chemical quality that helps boost the immune system by activating the concerned organs. The conclusions drawn from this study evidently proves that the drug is highly beneficial for the immune system and can turn millions of lives around.

Immunomodulating Properties of Phenibut

Mice and rats with model immunodepression were given Phenibut (25mg/kg) and Gammoxin (25mg/kg). The animals were then monitored very closely for days and the results observed added another chapter in the advantageous effects of Phenibut on the immune system.

A comparative analysis revealed that the two drugs work in different ways to strengthen the immune system. While Gammoxin mainly influenced the cell growth in organs like the spleen and thymus (primary organs for immune system), Phenibut predominantly affected the final reaction of immune response. It also affected the formation of anti bodies against the pathogens.

This difference between the two drugs can be attributed to different modes of action. While Phenibut affected the lymphocytes, Gammoxin assisted the functioning of spleen and thymus.

The implications of the above statements are jaw dropping in the world of medicine. As is proved from this study, Phenibut has enormous potential to build up the immune system. Individuals, who consistently lead a hectic and stressful life, can greatly profit from it.

Immune-regulating Effect of Phenibut

After observing the effects of the previous studies, a more intense study was conducted to gauge the amount of influence Phenibut has on the immune system. The animals that were part of the study were suffering from lipopolysachharide induced immune stress conditions which increased the parameters of the study.

An intra abdominal injection of Phenibut (25mg/kg) revealed striking results within 5 days. Phenibut, along with many other responses, restored the amount of phagocytic cells which conclusively testified its immune-modulating properties under hyper-immunization conditions.

It was undeniably established from the above mentioned study that Phenibut can achieve wide ranging and powerful results and thereby transform the world of medicine. It can change the way immunity weakness is dealt with in the world of medicine and benefit many individuals dealing with immunity related health complications.


All animal studies conducted to assess the benefits of Phenibut lead us in the same direction. The drug has multi-layered actions which have proved to be highly advantageous for our immune system. On one hand, it combats the psycho-emotional state that weakens immunity, on the other it fuels the process of cell growth and activity to further enhance the initial effect.

Phenibut has revealed itself to be an excellent immunomodulator arming the immune system with abundant lymphocytes. Moreover, it also passes the final test by demonstrating its immune-modulating properties under hyper-immunization conditions.

Phenibut, the miracle drug, assists the growth of immunity from every dimension possible and has the potential to transform an utterly feeble immune system into a completely functional and resistant one. It enhances both the cellular and humoral aspects of immunity leaving no stone unturned to make the body highly resilient against all sorts of pathogens.

The unhealthy lifestyles and extremely stressful environments are taking their toll on people’s well being making them weak and sick; but now that


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