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Does Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner Really Work For Eyelash Growth?

Updated on December 15, 2014

What is Revitalash?

Some women have thin, sparse and weak eyelashes so they desire to have naturally longer and beautiful lashes. Other people who are born with naturally longer lashes may lose it due to ageing or allergic reactions of medications such as chemotherapy. You can improve the length using natural eyelash enhancer; Revitalash is one of them manufactured by Athena Cosmetics, Inc. Let us review on the product features.

How it works?

RevitaLash is an eyelash conditioner which contains potent mixture of peptides and botanicals which work together for significantly improving the growth of eyelashes. The eyelash growth serum has active ingredients which promotes the enhancement of longer and fuller lashes. It is another stunning and effective eyelash serum containing all natural ingredients which helps to grow luscious eyelashes than ever before.

The new formula does not have the key ingredients which were essential in cosmetic product; instead it contains variety of plant extracts which aids in growth and conditioning of the eyelashes. It contains other ingredients which help in moisturizing the lashes so they flourish and become thicker and shinier than before.

The active ingredient panthenol, a derivative of the B5 vitamin enhances the appearance of hair by repairing the damage and promoting the growth of also contains sodium chloride which helps in thickening of the liquid application. Ginseng Root Extract revitalizes the eyelashes by enhancing the immunity system of the body and can act as a nutritional support. Serenoa Serrulata Fruit extract helps in conditioning the hair follicles of the eyelashes.

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract helps in repairing the damages in the lashes and makes them stronger. Biotin is a coenzyme also known as Vitamin H, support growth of cell and hair thereby reverses the problem of brittle eyelashes and makes them look denser and longer. Glycerin is a natural emollient and humectant; has a cooling effect on the skin and helps to attract the moisture from the air. Other ingredients present in revitalash are cellulose gum and water.

You need to apply a thin line to the base of your lashes before going to bed at night which is sufficient to reach the desired length of lashes.


  • It is fragrance-free and easy to apply; you can apply it similar to using liquid eyeliner.
  • Need no prescription and cause no serious side-effects.
  • The appearance of a sparse and barren lash line before using this product will be significantly improved by replacement of lusher, darker, and healthier eyelashes
  • It is meant to improve the actual health of eyelashes in both men and women.
  • It will not cause any side-effects as you can have when using the extensions and falsies.

This product is effective and safe for revitalizing the eyelashes to their lush and healthy state. Using this protect will be an added advantage as it ensures maximum protection and safety for your eyelashes by helping you to keep your eyelashes rejuvenated and moisturized for longer duration. It cost $150 which is worth as there are no known side-effects using this eyelash enhancers.

Revitalash :Eyelash Enhancer Reviews

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