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Does Snorerx work?

Updated on July 28, 2014

I purchased Snorerx, which is an antisnoring mouthpiece, in the hope that it would stop my snoring and help give my wife a good night sleep. Before I let you know the results first let me give you some background information on my particular situation.

At the time of purchasing Snorerx I was 37 years old. I do not suffer from sleep apnea (I have had a hospital sleep study to determine this). I have been a long time snorer, as I have been snoring loudly since I was about 10 years old. I am not overweight and I never have been. I don’t smoke and I only drink alcohol socially (not every day).

I haven’t tried many anti snoring devices as my online research showed that most of the devices were gimmicks or useless. I’ve tried a mouth spray, but it didn’t work. I’ve tried lying on my side – that gets sore after a while and I end up rolling on my back. I’ve slept in other rooms – that’s not great for your relationship. My wife wears earplugs but her ears get really sore. Tennis balls sewn in the back of shirts, snore rings that work on acupuncture points, nostril valve patches, static mouth pieces and CAPAC devices were all not going to work for me. (Note in Australia the CAPAC device is only available from a prescription and as I have stated after having a sleep study it was determined I didn’t suffer from sleep apnea.)

Snorerx is delivered in professional packaging
Snorerx is delivered in professional packaging | Source

Purchasing Snorerx

When I purchased Snorerx the only research on the product was to find a couple of online forums with other user’s experiences and the ‘glossy’ reviews from the Snorerx website. I was typing Snorex, Snorerx mouth guard, antisnoring device, Snorerx review, etc into Google to try to find everything I could about the product before I purchased it. There wasn’t a lot of independent information about Snorerx and I was really sceptical about buying it. The Snorerx website looked way too professional, it has all the bells and whistles and had that fake feel about it. The online forum comments were piecemeal and were out of date. It looked like I was going to have to bite the bullet and just purchase Snorerx.

Snorerx isn’t cheap, it’s about $100 USD, and you can verify this by going through the checkout process without buying it. I was also worried as I was importing Snorerx from USA to Australia as I was pretty much going to buy this anti snoring mouthpiece without worrying about warranty (I was never going to send it back if it didn’t work).

Did you know...

Although the Snorerx website states that the Snorerx device is not a preventative device for sleep apnea the company name which sell Snorerx is called...."Apnea Sciences"

One little tip to help save you a few dollars is that I noticed that you could insert a discount code during the checkout process. Just search for “Snorerx discount code” in your favourite search engine and it should come up with a promotional code for you. This saved me about $5 USD, it’s a small amount of money but every little bit helps.

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Snorerx set back to zero setting.
Snorerx set back to zero setting. | Source

Key Points...

  • Snorerx is an oral anti snoring device designed to fit your own mouth profile.
  • Snorerx takes some time to get used to.
  • Results with the use of Snorerx will vary depending on your own conditions.

Using Snorerx

Snorerx arrived in the mail and the packaging was every bit as glossy as the Snorerx website. The mouthpiece looked well-made and the instructions in the packaging were easy to understand. Essentially you boil the mouthpiece to soften the plastic to mould and set the device to your teeth shape and profile.

The Snorerx mouthpiece is adjustable but the instructions say that it is typically left at setting ‘3’ as this is the normal setting. See photo. When you put the mouthpiece in your mouth this setting brings your lower jaw forward until your top set of front teeth are directly over your lower set of front teeth. You can try this position right now; move your lower jaw so your front teeth are in alignment. For me I can feel a strain in my jaw muscles when this happens. In just a few moments I’ll explain what this does, and in particular what I does for me.

So for the first night of trying Snorerx I had the device in for half the night before taking it out. My teeth hurt and my jaw was sore. I tried for the next couple of nights and found that I was taking it out. These first three nights were really hard for me to get to sleep, it was difficult with the foreign object in your mouth and the saliva that my mouth was generating was hard to swallow. My wife commented that when I had Snorerx in that I wasn’t snoring, so I was happy that it worked but it was very uncomfortable. The packaging stated that the discomfort would prevail for the first few nights.

I tried for about a week and my teeth and jaw were as sore as the first time that I tried Snorerx, it wasn’t getting any better. I found myself finally falling asleep from exhaustion and then waking up at about 3:00 am and taking out the mouthpiece. My front teeth in alignment didn’t feel natural but this is how Snorerx works buy opening up your airways. I adjusted the settings so my lower jaw placed my bottom front teeth just behind my front upper teeth. Hallelujah this adjustment made the world of difference and I could go the whole night with Snorerx in my mouth.

Cleaning Note:

The Snorerx website says to use warm water and toothpaste to clean the Snorerx mouthpiece however I still find this doesn't work that well to get into the small gaps. Instead I use dissolving denture tablets and soak them during the day. This makes my Snorerx anti snoring device clean and odorless.

Homebrand Denture Tablets are a good way of keeping your Snorerx clean and odorless.
Homebrand Denture Tablets are a good way of keeping your Snorerx clean and odorless. | Source

The Result

So Snorerx has stopped my snoring, yes Snorerx does work! It is still not the most comfortable thing to wear but it has helped my wife get some good sleep, which is a good thing.

There are nights when I don’t like wearing it, just to give my mouth a rest. I also couldn’t comment on the long term implications of Snorerx on your teeth as I am not a dentist (maybe that is why Snorerx is recommend that it should be replaced annually, but would you really do this unless it started to fall apart?)

So, good night, sweet dreams and hope this review helped you out.

Would I recommend buying Snorerx?

Yes, I'd recommend buying and wearing Snorerx, it has worked for me. There are some small issues getting used to it as I have described above, but overall it was worth it. The relative small cost of Snorerx makes it also worth trying and for me that price paid off. Snorerx won't be for everyone and if you have any doubts I'd ask your doctor what they know about these type of mouth piece products and what are the alternatives to helping you reduce your snoring if Snorerx wasn't suitable.

Just to Note...

It is possible to snore with Snorerx in your mouth. This usually happens if I am particularly tired and I wake due to my wife nudging me. I realize I've been snoring as the mouthpiece is still in my mouth but has slipped forward and is sitting above my teeth (i.e. my teeth aren't in the molded grooves).

Other times when I have woken up snoring is when I have inadvertently taken my Snorerx mouthpiece out and it's on the bedside table or loose on the bed.

These occurrences don't usually happen and probably only happen when I am extremely tired.


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