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Reasons for weight gain after marriage

Updated on June 18, 2014
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Asif has been a teacher in the past, now manager operations. He loves to write on diverse topics that could benefit the reader.

are marriage and weight gain linked?
are marriage and weight gain linked?

I have experienced that people stop making efforts to remain fit and look attractive as soon as they get married. This is one of the many changes that occur in one’s life after marriage. This ultimately results in gaining weight by both partners. Once they have gained weight, they look for some quickest way to lose weight. Everyone is eager to lose weight quickly. They also look for some diet tips for that purpose. I have tried here to list down some of the factors that contribute towards weight gain after marriage. My experience is that marriage does affect body weight and most of the time the weight increases. The list is not final and everyone would have his or her own reasons in this matter.

Being a good cook

One very basic reason that applies to myself is that my wife is very caring for the family. To add to it, she is a very good cook. She prepares delicious meals that are often hard to resist. I often eat more than what is actually needed. In my case, this has contributed a lot in gaining weight.

Regular meals

In married life, meals become much more regular than it used to be in bachelor life. People often miss meals when they are single, mainly due to carelessness or business engagement. After marriage, life becomes comparatively regular and smooth. People start taking meals regularly. Both partners care for each other and this has effects on body weight.

Change in routines

Body metabolism also changes after marriage. We feel satisfied and contented. Before marriage, most activities are done outdoor. After marriage, most of the time is spent indoor. We feel happy and contented to be with our partner. Consequently, body metabolism slows down and if we continue taking same amount of meals, it starts accumulating in the body in the form of fats.

Regularity in life

Often people move into a more structured routine of life. Job nature after marriage also matters. If it is of a continuously sitting nature, the food taken is not utilized completely and starts accumulating in different parts of the body as fats.

Thoughts before and after marriage

Before marriage, staying fit is easy and is not a task at all because body metabolism is fast and active. After marriage, it turns out to be an activity that needs to be done intentionally and consciously. Weight loss motivation decreases greatly after marriage. People are often mistaken. They ignore taking regular exercise as they think life would continue as it was in the earlier age. This is not true. Body requirements keep changing with age. Everything slows down. They need to pay attention to their diet and put some conscious efforts to remain fit.

Time between meal and mating

One factor involved is mating right after having meal. The meal takes about 4-6 hours to digest. The doctors recommend there should be a gap of about 3-4 hours before you mate after the meal. Mating just after the meal affects body weight badly as the food is yet not ready for metabolism at the cellular level.

Mission accomplished

Another major factor is that people just let themselves go easy after marriage. They do not see any attraction to look smart to attract the opposite sex. They seem to have achieved their goal through marriage. This situation is common with both sexes, male and female. Once the mission is accomplished, no need to worry about how they look. This thinking is a major contributor in gaining weight after marriage.

Pregnancy and childbirth

For women, pregnancy is also a big reason that they gain weight after marriage. During pregnancy, the hormonal changes in the female body contribute to weight gain. It is body’s natural mechanism to prepare itself for child delivery and later breastfeeding. During and after pregnancy, most of the women are fed high calorie foods that lead to more weight gain as the physical activity is much decreased at the time and the never-ending duties towards the baby start. This makes it difficult for the mothers to get up and go for some exercise.

Being a mother in family

Mothers also tend to eat the left- overs of their children in order to avoid wastage of food. All these socio-cultural factors after marriage lead to weight gain among women. It happens largely due to a change in lifestyle and food habits.

Post-wedding celebrations

In most of the cultures, many post-wedding celebrations are involved and the couple has to enjoy all those high fat foods in the parties in order to celebrate their happiness with rest of the family members, relatives and friends. This all results in eating more often and more than what is required.

Change in thoughts

The girls, who have restrained themselves from their favorite foods only to remain slim and smart, become lenient about this rule after marriage and no more worry about their looks and figure. This consequently contribute to body weight.

Satisfaction in marriage

A satisfied marriage is positively associated with weight gain. Spouses who are more satisfied tend to gain more weight.

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There could be some more reasons as well. I am of the view that marriage does affect body weight. This can only be controlled through cautious efforts to remain fit at every stage of life.


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