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Dog Meditation

Updated on February 21, 2016

As soon as my neighbor's dog steps out onto their second story patio his tail wags in pure delight. He goes in and out of the door on the porch as if memorizing the feeling of freedom and choice. He watches everything that is happening around him, contemplates every smell and analyzes any new activity. His eyes close in the bliss of warm winter sunshine as the crisp air passes over his head and ears. His neck stretches down as he inhales and sighs, releasing anything that worries him. Even on days when the outside temperature never rises to a positive number and cold air fills their apartment as a result, that dog's owners make sure that he gets some time on his patio.

This makes me wonder how many of us take so much for granted. It worries me that not everyone takes into consideration the needs of others. It also warms my heart that some of us do.


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