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Dogs are the new Home Pregnancy Test

Updated on March 16, 2010
The kids the puppy has bonded with
The kids the puppy has bonded with
Our puppy Leia
Our puppy Leia

Animals are extremely smart. They also have senses that humans do not tap into such as keen senses of smell and what seems like super hearing. In recent years there have been dogs in the news that have been stated that they can diagnose cancer or other such diseases. While there isn't a miracle dog that can tried and true diagnose anything scientifically, there are other clues that the animal might be picking up on instead. Lets use my favorite examples of these such as our husky would not leave me alone the first trimester I was pregnant with my son. She started following me around about three weeks after I had my period and I thought she was just trying to drive me nuts. Two weeks later we had a positive home pregnancy test and positive blood test.

Our cat growing up was named Minnie (jokingly Minnie Mouse) and she would follow my mom around for months. She would sleep on my mom's lap while she watched TV and even follow her into the bathroom and meow at her constantly. Well turns out the cat was onto something because my mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer after the cat did this for six months or more.

My grandparent's dashound followed my grandfather around for two months yapping at him until he was officially diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She would follow him around and lay on his feet all the time and whine and yip at him until I swear she drove him bonkers. His cancer was found on a routine physical and he told his doctor about the dog following him around.

His Oncologist told him that animals have stronger senses than humans and they can tell when their humans are not acting properly. He stated that while we might not feel any different, our bodies produce different hormones and signals to react to change. The first signs of pregnancy for us can be tender breasts, missed periods, moodiness, bloating, and the mad dash to the bathroom. For animals it is a slightly different sent we produce when we conceive. My Chinchilla, Obi, could tell when I was going into labor because he normally doesn't want me to hold him but that day he let me hold him for about two hours and then I started actually feeling the contractions shortly after that. Our dog, Tido, a Belgium Malanoise, wouldn't let me near him each time he sensed I was pregnant. He wouldn't let me touch him for the entire first trimester and I don't know if it was he was afraid of hurting me but he would cry and sit across the room from me. Our puppy, Leia, who is a mixed Golden Retriever-Cockerspaniel, loved to lay her head on my stomach and get kicked by my daughter during the last trimester. My mom termed it as she was bonding with the baby before she got here. Well the dog loves both kids and tries to crawl into the seat with my daughter because she loves her children. She also refused to walk on my right side when my knee started having pain. I didn't pay attention at first but she knew it was hurting before I knew.

I feel that animals have senses that pick up on subtle ques that their humans produce when things in their bodies change. Our bodies give off little ques such as shifting differently when we are in pain, different sents when our bodies start producing different hormones such as in pregnancy, and our cells are mutating and starting to travel around our bodies affecting our daily lives.


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    • profile image

      csdo 3 years ago

      My seven year old female cattle dog humps me when I'm pregnant. She humped me all thru my first pregnancy and then started humping me again three years later during my second pregnancy before I ever even knew I was pregnant... It was when she started humping my leg in the beginning of my second pregnancy that made me think why is she do ing that? Sure enough , I found out I was expecting a week later.

    • breastpumpreviews profile image

      Christy Garrett 4 years ago from TX

      I remember that my cat knew I was pregnant before I had any symptoms with my very first pregnancy. It was as if she all of sudden hated me and didn't want to be around me for some crazy reason. Then I found out I was pregnant and it made sense.

    • Akarime31 profile image

      Akarime31 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Interesting hub! It reminds me of the movie Marley, when Jennifer Aniston is about to give birth.

    • profile image

      della 6 years ago

      why when i put my dog on my lap she go right to sleep under or on my belly is something wrong with me

    • AFTiggerIntel profile image

      AFTiggerIntel 9 years ago from Nebraska

      Our puppy, Leia, we got her when I was a very pregnant 9 months and she went right into protective mode. My son would come over to bounce on me and she'd tug on his diaper or pants to get him off. Of course when we got her, I was due in two weeks but actually made it an extra week so she got almost a month in of over protectiveness until we brought our daughter home and she now thinks both kids are hers to abuse and protect at will. I sometimes cannot stand my toddler in the corner without putting the dog into the bathroon because she thinks I'm torturing him. Good Luck with everything and I hope it's a happy and healthy 9 months.

    • caicai1015 profile image

      caicai1015 9 years ago from virigina

      that's funny cause i haven't had her that long. ive had her for about a week. i think its funny cause she has adjusted to my pregnancy very quickly. another thing that annoys me is like today for instance i was trying to a nap and i didn't hear anyone knock on the door the dog started to go bonkers and growling and barking. i didn't know that my neighboor had came over and my honey was talking to him. but she also started to bark at my stepson too when he came from his room shes never done that before but she stopped after she realized it was him...