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Trimming the fat? Perhaps you'll find this helpful.

Updated on February 27, 2013

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead (tm)

This is scarier than I thought!
This is scarier than I thought!

I'm motivated, care to join in?

If you look in the mirror, are you sucking in your gut and trying to look thinner?

Let's face the facts, it happens with age and lifestyles, and right now, America is overweight. Perhaps you've even heard your doctor say "You know, you could lose a few pounds, and you'd probably feel much better." My response, but not spoken aloud is, DUH!

Recently, I watched the film Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. The amazing part, was watching the two men featured in the film, lose so much weight in 60 days. In addition to the two men losing nearly 100 pounds each, they found that their doctors were reducing the amounts of medications each man took for various ailments. Now granted I'm not nearly dead, but the film is motivating me to take part in their conversation. Besides, at 61 years, I'm taking more medications than I want to.

If you're like me, your weight has slowly increased with age. For example, when I exited the Navy at age 22 I weighed 160 pounds. Through good living, good cooking, and enjoying life, I've managed to push the scales near 250 on two occasions. Each time I near that number, I get scared and trim a few pounds. Prior to a back injury in 1995, I was bodybuilding, running 12 miles a week, and a hard-packed 192 pounds. After surgery, a major shift in my lifestyle caused the weight to change, mostly upward. If you're nodding your head in silent agreement, wait until you see this:

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has a website with a Body Mass Index (BMI calculator. Their link is:

When I checked my BMI, it rated me as obese (Inside my head I thought - stupid charts, I feel fine). Back in 1995, I had two stents placed in my left-ventricular artery because it was clogged (100%) - which I wasn't even aware of since my body grew helper veins around the blockage (I even said then that I felt fine). But let's not kid ourselves, we all know these kinds of warning signs add up over time, and we do want to live healthy and longer - right? We all know the risks of being overweight are hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, just to name a few.

Diets are difficult, hard to stay on, and if you're like me you usually get frustrated when a month has slipped by and you've only lost a grand total of 10 pounds. Plus, you've probably starved yourself and felt hungry. Sure, this is great and a step in the right direction, but when I watched this movie and saw what could happen in 60 days, I became energized to try this. Like all diets, the website for the movie recommends seeing your doctor prior to starting. So, after getting his blessings, I purchased a Breville Juicer(tm) and have decided to start a 60 day juice fast. It begins March 1st.

My hope is this -- Perhaps someone else will see what I've accomplished, then they'll be motivated to do something about it as well. If you're interested, check out the website:

To help other folks get motivated, I decided to place photos of what I looked like before I started (later, I'll add the after shots, plus maybe a few along the progress in the future). I need to tell you, the thought of taking a picture of my body -- and actually posting here for the world to see -- is a frightening proposition. In fact, after seeing the photos placed in this Hub, I'm not pleased with the image one bit!

Like the film, if me doing this juice fast can accomplish a healthy goal, plus motivate you to do something about it too, then the embarrassing photos will be worth it.


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