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Fear Not Your Dark Side

Updated on March 13, 2012


Depression. Self loathing. Regret. Guilt. Shame. Anxiety. Evy. Jealousy. FEAR. Hopelessness. Apathy. Hate. Anger. Lust. Greed. Stagnation. Obsession. Denial. Prejudice. Intolerance. Neglect. Uncertainty. Carelessness. Remorse. Grief. Negativity. Pessimissm. Cruelty. Violence. Hesitation. Sexuality. Presumption. Betrayal. Angst. Revenge. Bitterness. Insignificance. Selfishness. Submission. Weakness. RAGE. Ignorance. Risk. Gluttony. Sorrow. Aggression. Addiction. Judgment. Compulsion. Discomfort. Sadness. Spite. Dependence. Failure. Impatience. LACK. Disgrace. Deceit. Distress. Retribution. Isolation. Powerlessness. Sadism. Abandonment. Infatuation. Dread. Irritation. Longing. MISERY. Cowardice. Panic. Paranoia. Worthlessness. Inability. Confusion. Frustration. Hostility. Contradiction. EGO. Arrogance. Conceit. Corruption. Insecurity.


These are the parts of ourselves we find the most dark. They are the parts of ourselves that we try hardest to hide. Hoping on many levels, that these darker parts of ourselves will just disappear into the night and leave us. Though another part of us will never let go of these parts of ourselves, because we need them. They are familiar states. Negativity matters less when have certainty, which these dark emotions provide.

We have been conditioned for a long time to think in this way. So don't feel to bad. Up until now, you've had no choice in the matter. Up until now, you assumed that the emotions came to you, instead of knowing the truth - that you go to emotions. Up until this very moment, you also never knew, that those dark emotions were not bad. You, in fact, did not know that these emotions are actually beneficial to you.

That has been the paradox all along, that you had until this moment to learn. That all the things you despise in yourself, or try to hide, are actually the very tools you've been looking for.


The Truth About The Darkness...

... Is that it cannot exist with the light. Nor can the light exist without the darkness. They work together hand in hand, to help all beings in the inbetween (of dark and light), to grow and contribute and be more.

The truth about the Darkness inside of you. Is that it is there to help you reach the dark. Because the truth about your dark side, is that when you finally allow it to take you over. When you stop fighting it, fearing it and hiding it. You then no longer have a need to experience it any further, because by accepting it and allowing it in as much as you can possibly take, you will fill yourself up so much by that dark side of yourself that your whole being will have no choice but to ricochet into the light.

Dark Into Light

From dark into light, is like a little death without leaving life. You take in what you need from the experience of the dark emotions, and in so doing, you understand more about your light self. About the part of you that desires to love.

The part of you that desires to accept all parts of yourself and others, unconditionally. That part of you that knows how to find, give and receive....

Passion. Power. Relief. JOY. Happiness. Contentment. Compassion. Sincerity. Significance. Certainty. Variety. Similarity. Tolerance. Patience. Independence. Freedom. Ability. Trust. Loyalty. Courage. Generosity. BLISS. Affection. Peace. Zest. Esteem. Encouragement. Laughter. Mercy. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Kindness. Triumph. TACT. Control. Grace. Comfort. Growth. Fidelity. Enchantment. Adventure. Positivity. Temperance. Clarity. Intuition. Logic. Empathy. Humanity. Enlightenment. Understanding. Confidence. Spirit. Tenacity. Fearlessness. Conviction. Hope. Daring. Resolve. WILL. Persistence. Motivation. Inspiration. Health. Ecstasy. Merriment. STRENGTH. Cheerfulness. Exuberance. Abundance. Pride. Humor. Foresight. Respect. Dignity. Curiosity. Delight.



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    • b2b-sales-europe profile image

      b2b-sales-europe 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      There are people embracing the dark side as part of spirit and soul. A healthy life needs a holistic approach, e.g. fat in food delivers healthy vitamins and the touch of your dark side helps you to embrace the light and happy days.

    • learnlovelive profile image

      learnlovelive 5 years ago from U.S.

      Everything comes from collective consciousness, when we are gestating we have an eternity of intellect to draw on. Somewhere through the fruition of this embryo changeling - we are faced with some kind of mental blockage. Perhaps it doesn't fully develop until we start speaking and pushing our own infantile consciousness into the Earthly paradigm, but it does happen. Keep on keepin' on.

    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 5 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks for reminding me! I knew there was a word I was forgetting. I added it =)

    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 5 years ago from Seattle

      Thank you so much for your generous comment LearnLoveLive! I am glad you found the beauty and meaning in it, just the way I meant you to. Though truthfully, I cannot claim it all as my own work. It came to me from the collective consciousness, and I just translated, lol. =)

    • learnlovelive profile image

      learnlovelive 5 years ago from U.S.

      P.S. - you forgot Exuberance; the most essential virtue. It ties all positivity into one pretty package of awesomeness.

    • learnlovelive profile image

      learnlovelive 5 years ago from U.S.

      There is something going on with the Human. A giant collective move from the "No," to the "Yes".

      Richard Linklater posited it best in Waking Life, as the above yes-no ideal demonstrates - he says that it's like reality is pushing something on us, as if "God," is offering us something that we keep putting it off and putting it off; As of the last 50-60 years, there has been a collective movement - at least in my visible realm of social interactions - that is demonstrating how people have grown tired of denying the truth of their desires.

      Thanks for a great hub. You have an awesome style and the way you posit your ideals is tactful and striking.

      The dualistic reality of nature is best described through causality because if one thing exists so must the potential for its opposite. If the sun shines, it can also go dark; if the heart loves it can also feel jealousy; 1's and 0's - it becomes apparent that even though they are just variations of On and Off, Yes and No; there are endless ways to explore them...

      People often miss out on the context of what lies in between these margins because they are too focused on one extreme or the other.

      Either people are worried the sun is going to melt the polar ice caps and kill us all or it will go out and we'll all die anyway. That's an exaggeration and a poor example; however, it serves.

      This was a good Hub and I encourage you to keep writing because you have a niche for it. Thanks again. Rated up and awesome - followed; will share; and plan to follow you as a Hubber.

      Thanks for being around.