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Don't ask for gastric problems after holidays

Updated on March 18, 2012
Red meat with mushrooms.
Red meat with mushrooms. | Source

Believe It or not but the diets, starving for health or religious fasting can often lead to bad healthy issues, even in people with very good health.

The road to gastric hell is covered with good intentions.

Low calorie diets (starvation) needs to be made under medical supervision. Especially low cal diets, that completely remove one of the main foods (proteins, carbs, fats).

All in all - Dieting must be done smart, with enough preparation.

Religious fasting is also a form of diet and you need to have in mind, that long removal of animal proteins needs to be done right too.


You don't jump to a diet. You prepare for few days. Both mentally and on the table. Same is done when finishing diet. You don't snap out of it for one single day.

e.g. Orthodox church allows one week of preparation (remove meat first, and then all animal products).


most of the time, Easter and Cristmass are simply 2 days of the year where you overeat with basically EVERYTHING. And this, after 40+ days of fasting is extremely dangerous.

Part of the dedicated christians that fast for a first time, do end in a hospital on Cristmass or easter.

Same happens with long term dieters that don't "cheat" from time to time.

Therapeutic starvation is quite popular in east Europe, and if you don't make smooth supply of food after this but start pounding meat and cheese - you are making something really stupid.

Even worse, if the transition is accompanied by drinks, smoking and not having enough sleep.

Fasting is based on slow to digest plant food, that gives constant slow calorie stream in the body.

Imagine moving to a very quick to digest high calorie greasy chicken breast steak with half pound of fries.

It's like a bomb for the starved body.

And your body will punish you.

More than 60% raise in intestinal complications and 20% more gallbladder operations are made in holidays.

Instead of spiritual and body comfort - fasting takes you to the infimary.

In all cases, after diet, fasting or starvation,


  • Deeply fried foods,
  • Hot spicy foods,
  • Too salty foods,
  • Too greasy foods,
  • Heavy drinking,
  • Smoking...

Try eating 6 small portions for the day, instead of the normal 3 meals.

Don't hesitate to take anti acid drug if your stomach is prone to GERD.

Eat plenty of herbs and spices that are proven to improve digestion (savory, fenugreek).

And moderate everything!


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