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Don't be afraid to go workout at a gym or fitness center.

Updated on September 1, 2014

Everyone has to start somewhere

Working out shouldn't be "considered" a punishment.

From personally speaking with people and observing, sometimes I feel as thought people might be "afraid" to go to the gym if they might be overweight.

I assure you, that no one is going to go up to in a gym and say that to your face. Well ok the reality is the fact that people may look at you because you are overweight BUT everyone must start somewhere.

As I am looking at different programs to possibly trying to get certified to become a "fitness trainer" in which I do know it is alot of work with studying in such, I do think people either are not sure what to do, are afraid, might feel condemned or possibly maybe a slight few just don't want to work and possibly could be lazy and just don't want to start.

BUT whatever the case maybe, just remember everyone started at a beginning point when they first started working out.

I think we need to start reprogramming ourselves by starting to "deprogram" our minds.

We need to start to see that it is indeed a good thing to workout.

Maybe you might not want to workout at a fitness for whatever reason, but generally working out will have a great impact on you.

Not only will working out help you to get you into shape, but with movement that increases blood flow more, it has helps out with many joints and with pain.

From personal experience, I tend to notice the more I workout, the better I feel.

If I sit still for long periods of time, I do tend to notice that joints and parts of my body get a little stiff and get achy.

Then when I do hit up a fitness center I feel much better afterwards.

The big positive effect that has helped out with also is that I sleep soundly and I like not having to wake up so many times.

I think in America in today's society with television and social media and also technology unlike years ago I would see more people outside and doing things.

Now we are stuck in a society with ipads, computer, cell phones where people text more and granted texting is good when you are at places that you can't talk and need to send a message right away.

What texting does is actually make us "less human" and more "robotic" and with less communicating that way, there is sometimes a misjudgment in communication sometimes so I learned to try not to text so much.

I like stepping away from technology and having human contact.

I think you can bond better with people with less technology than more technology.

A big plus with video calling is because you can talk with people far away so that can make you feel less homesick or if you can't pay for a plane ride to get somewhere, at least there is a face on a screen in front of you to be able to kind of talk face to face with.

Ever notice how small cell phones are and how small letters are on the cell phone. Kind of small and not everyone has tiny hands or fingers to fit into a typing range without having to put up with after awhile the stiffness you can get in joints from typing so much on a piece of electrical equipment that makes me feel like I am communicating with that seems something like Barbie the doll enjoys more.

So we are indeed "programmed" and locked up with much far advanced technology today.

I been trying to shut off some of my technology to get to do things in life.

I learned that sometimes it is also good not to post pictures of somethings in my life that not everybody needs to know about.

I think we were born to move and move about and not ferment and sit.

I actually even know some people that are handicapped in wheel chairs that actually move more than people who have the capability to walk about and they have two working feet.

In America the true is we have become lazier and lazier.

We want things handed to us and a prime example is indeed McDonald's where everything is super sized with drive thru's.

I have even seen some McDonald's drive thru's that now have "bays" where if you order your food through a drive thru and they are making it, you can pull up to a bay, while waiting for someone to hand you the fast food you ordered.

Now don't you think it would be alot easier to actually get out of a car and just go into a place in the first place to get your food? That just doesn't make any sense to me what so ever, but I guess once again, we want everything fast and quick.

Maybe some people are just programmed to think it doesn't matter that they don't do any form of exercise at all.

No matter who you, if you don't take care of yourself you are going to break down after awhile just like a car because you are indeed a living machine.

It is ok that you aren't extreme in working out but it is good to have some form of moderation in some form of exercise.

Not all programs are going to work for all people.

Sometimes some workout programs just don't fit all people, so what you need to do is see something that works out for you.

I would love to invent a "pre workout" program for those that want to get back into fitness centers or for people who have never been.

I think once people over come "Fear" or anything about working out and just starting they would put themselves on a path that indeed will make themselves feel good about themselves and feel better about themselves.

Sometimes it is just trial and error to see what programs workout for you.

As long as you get up and try, that is all that matters.


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