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Dr Natura Colonix: Is Dr Natura (and Other Intestinal Cleansing Products) a Scam?

Updated on July 25, 2011

Dr Natura Colonix and Other Cleansing Products

Dr. Natura Colonix is one of the many intestinal cleanse products on the market today that claim to perform internal cleansing and help you keep your colon clean. Total Colon Cleanse, Dual Action Colon cleanse, Ultimate Colon Cleanse, Power Cleanse, Super Colon Cleanse - their names suggest they really mean business when they promise to detox your colon, detoxify your internal organs, release toxins from your body, get rid of parasites, provide you with more energy, and prevent many deadly diseases, including colon cancer. Many colon cleanse products also promise natural weight loss - they are supposed to help you lose weight by cleaning your colon of unwanted waste.

Benefits of Colon Cleanse Products

All these colon cleansers and various body detox supplements are advertised to have so many health benefits, that's even hard to describe them in one short hub. They promise to help "release accumulated toxins in the colon while assisting with overall vital organ health," "unclog your intestines to stay clean and toxin free," "improve the assimilation of essential nutrients," get rid of parasites living in your intestines," "enhance digestion," "decrease bloating," "give you more energy," "protect you from various diseases" and of course lose weight.

I have to say that all these promises sound pretty convincing. To the point that at one time a few years ago I decided to perform a colon cleanse myself, and purchased Dr Natura kit and some other products, the names of which I no longer recall.

Dr Natura Colonix Review - So How Did It Go?

I have to say I only did it half way. I felt terribly bloated the whole time, and frankly - ingesting all these pills made me a little nervous. Needless to say I did not pass any of the strange looking "things" that often appear on the colon cleanse pages (which does not mean I think they don't exist or aren't real - just did not happen in my case).

But what kept bugging me the whole time is this nagging feeling that there must be a better way of keeping my body - and my intestines - clean.

It's part of the cure-the-symptom philosophy - pop some pills and supplements to resolve the problem, and continue living as if nothing really happened. Right?


What I finally realized - about half way throughout the cleanse - that I can achieve the same - or even BETTER results - if I drastically change my diet to:

1) Stop polluting my body with toxins - I know that is impossible to do 100%, but we CAN change our diet so that our body has to work much less, so the build up of unhealthy stuff does not happen

2) Change my diet to include much more fiber rich foods in my diet - which mainly means eating LOADS OF fresh RAW fruits and vegetables - they should comprise about 60-80% of your diet (no, despite what most of you probably believe, whole grains are NOT ideal sources of fiber for humans, as the fiber in whole grains is very irritating to our intestines). The rest of your meals should include other foods of plant origin - legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Consumption of animal products - meats and diary - should be limited or eliminated completely. The same with all processed foods, junk foods, sweets, fats, alcohol and coffee.

Is it easy to do? No. :-(

Am I doing it 100%? No. :-(

Is it worth it to strive for perfection to achieve good health, vibrant energy, and perfect weight? - You bet! :-)

Colon Cleanse Product - Conclusion

I decided to skip the rest of the treatment and go for a really, really healthy lifestyle instead.

Of course, whether or not you decide to go for any of the colon cleansing products is up to you. Your situation may be very different from mine - I never was grossly overweight (just a few extra pounds that I needed - and still need LOL - to lose) and my diet was not that bad most of the time. But your situation may be very different from mine and you may benefit from these products a lot.

What I want you to keep from these ramblings is this - don't do the cleanse and then go back to your previous habits. Make it a goal to improve your diet and make lifestyle changes that are necessary to lose weight - don't depend on pills and supplements to do the job for you!

Natural Colon Cleanser Warning

Keep in mind that "natural"  (all these detox program claim to be completely "natural") or "herbal" doesn't mean they are completely safe. Remember that the government doesn't regulate natural colon cleansing products, so their potency, safety, and purity can't be guaranteed.

If you want some graphic video - here it is (Warning! Watch it at your own risk!)


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