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YOU are the Difference in YOUR World, if YOU only knew it

Updated on November 1, 2012

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Never Give Up

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover [Mark Twain]

One of the hardest things to appreciate in all the hustle and bustle and must do of modern life is that YOUR greatest wealth is YOUR health and YOUR attitude in life.

It is easy to say be positive and to never give up on YOUR DREAMS.

You have to believe in YOU and to understand that YOU choose who YOU want to be. Nobody is going to came and save YOU, YOU have got to save YOURSELF and YOU have to look after YOUR health be it physical or mental.

YOU have to go out and strive for whatever YOU want and nobody knows what YOU want except YOU.

Nobody will feel sorry for YOU if YOU do not get it so never give up on YOUR DREAMS.

Abraham Lincoln once said "YOU are as happy as YOU make YOUR mind up to be" Do not let others decide what is best for YOU, decide for yourself, work with others and do not railroad people or let others railroad YOU.

All problems are merely solutions in disguise so do not worry about them, take action and get a result and if YOU are not happy with the result take more action until YOU are happy with the result.

Worry is interest paid on a loan not yet received and solves nothing but action as detailed above will.

Above the entrance to The Oracle in Greece it says "know thyself" YOU must know what YOU can do and then do it, more positive action to get to the result YOU want.

YOU are what YOU think YOU are and mental imaging and rehearsing does work and many successful people will bear testimony to this in all walks of life.

Whatever YOU do smile :-)) it lights up YOUR face and brightens the day for others and YOU can see the difference it makes.

Have a great life and enjoy the greatest gift of all as a living, sentient being who can make a difference to all and most importantly to YOU.



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    • alanlsg profile imageAUTHOR

      Alan Bowman 

      9 years ago from The World

      Hi Movie Master

      Many thanks for taking the time to read the hub and for your kind comments.

      Hope you have a great weekend.



    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi alan, sound advice.

      At times in life we can be our own worse enemy and the only one doubting ourselves is us.

      Great hub, thank you for sharing.

    • alanlsg profile imageAUTHOR

      Alan Bowman 

      9 years ago from The World

      Thanks for the kind comment on this Phil and have a good weekend

      Kind regards


    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      9 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Indeed, attitude is everything. How we face the world plays a large role in how we perceive the world. Great hub.

    • alanlsg profile imageAUTHOR

      Alan Bowman 

      10 years ago from The World

      Thank you klboisseau for you kind comments and affirmations and may you have no worry no stress and an enjoyable life.

      Kind regards


    • klboisseau profile image


      10 years ago from Interlachen, Florida

      A Swedish proverb by an unknown author states, "Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow." This is extremely true. One is ultimately responsible for one's own happiness. Stress and worry has actually been linked to shortened lifespan. As your article says, problems are only solutions in disguise.

      One of my favorite reads is "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and It's all Small Stuff,and It's All Small Stuff" by Kris and Richard Carlson. The book is definitely food for thought.

      My best to you and "Don't worry, be happy!"


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