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Dream Interpretation: Naked

Updated on June 30, 2013

Nudity is a very common dream symbol. In order to accurately interpret your dream involving nudity, it is important to first analyze exactly how you felt about the nakedness in your dream. For instance, a person that is completely mortified by their own nakedness may have a different interpretation than someone who is proudly flaunting their nakedness in the dream.


In fact, for many dreamers the act of being naked is not as significant in a dream as the feelings surrounding that nakedness. Typically, this type of dream involves scenarios in which you are in public or otherwise surrounded by other people. It may be a reflection of how you feel when someone sees your imperfections or shortcomings. But, while dreaming about being naked can be quite embarrassing, it can also give great insight into your waking life.


Common Themes in Naked Dreaming

Understanding your naked dream means gaining a deeper sense of your own feelings and vulnerabilities. With this type of dream it is essential to remember the details. Where were you when you were naked? Who was with you? Though dream interpretation can be highly subjective, there are some common themes when it comes to naked dreams. These are:

  • Accountability - Feeling a deep sense of accountability during your waking life can sometimes result in a naked dream. This can often indicate an issue within your relationship. For example, if you are naked around a friend, this may mean you feel accountable for some action and are possibly even afraid to lose them.
  • Shamefulness - Feelings of shame or disgrace are quite common when it comes to naked dreaming. You may be fearful that people will expose you or see your imperfections. if you are hiding something, a naked dream may be an expression of the fear of being discovered or otherwise exposed.
  • Rejection - Fears of rejection during your waking hours may spill over into your dream state. This often results in naked dreams in which others are jeering and laughing at you. If you experience this type of dream, it may be a good time to work on self confidence.
  • Pride - Being naked and proud in a dream is rare, however, it does occur. This is a very positive dream symbol and it typically means that you are not afraid to take on difficult tasks. You are not afraid of failure and welcome future events. It may also symbolize that you have nothing to hide.
  • Public Nudity - This particular dream often comes with a sense of unbearable embarrassment. It is also typical that the public nudity is realized suddenly and the public reaction is laughter. Public nudity dreams often mean that you are feeling unintentionally exposed to people who are not close to you. A reoccurring dream of this nature may signify that you need to examine your relationships with other people, particularly those you are not very close to.
  • Naked and unnoticed - If you are naked in your dream and no one seems to notice, this may mean that you have some fear or anxiety about something in your life that is unfounded. You may be magnifying a situation and making it a bigger issue than it really is.


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