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Dream On

Updated on April 15, 2017

Dream interpretation can be both interesting and fun.

Dreams are so unique. It’s like watching a motion picture only you can see. Every one of them holds a certain kind of meaning to the receiver of these precious messages. Yes, I said messages. Not all dreams are informative, but many hold important facts we should pay attention to. Famous scientist and inventors owe their problem solving solutions to the information that they found in their own subconscious minds in the form of a dream.

Dreams release us from stress and are often the only explanation for some of our extra silly or weird ones. Of course, a weird snack before bedtime can still have an effect on just how outlandish the subject of our dreams become. For ages, sharp cheese has been blamed for causing nightmares. This, too, is likely just as unique to the dream as to who gets bothered and who doesn’t.

Remembering dreams or recalling more than bits and pieces is something most of us have not yet conquered. We may awake several times throughout our sleep session recalling more than one dream and we may remember them long enough to recall each one in a dream journal the next day. Dream journals can help us form a pattern of how often we remember our dreams or what circumstances may have been in play for that to occur. Dreams are important for reducing stress and worries from an overwhelming chain of events we dealt with in our waking hours.

There has been much study on analyzing dream. Finding a meaning no matter how farfetched it sounds can be very interesting. Experts can give you the basic ways to determine the meaning, but the meaning is just as unique to the dreamer as the dream itself. We all are individuals and our dreams won’t mean the same to someone else having a dream similar to ours. A cat lady dreaming of cats would certainly come away with a different meaning than someone who is allergic to the feline and distance themselves from them in their waking life.


My crazy dream about a white goat..........

I don’t always remember my dreams, so when I do I try to recall every detail and write it down for analyzing at a later time. If it is an extra strange or alarming type of dream I may start looking for a meaning much sooner. I truly believe some dreams are informative and some are warning signs. Time and time again I have proven my own theory to be true when it comes to dreams I have had. Everyone has their own opinions on the subject so how can we rule anyone’s opinion out completely? We can’t.

Here is an entry to my dream journal for March 5, 2017. It is a very strange and somewhat crazy dream.


I keep traveling back and forth from a house to a work place, neither of which I am familiar with. The place I walk into has a large living room and past that is a large kitchen. The kitchen has old appliances like my grandmother had back in the early 60s. I don’t recall any other rooms. The place is old and outdated.

I had been to work. (I’m not sure what kind of business place this is) A large silo type structure is there, only it is somewhat short with fencing around it and some sort of machine along the side of it which resembles the housing of a set of big scales and the inside looks like feed augers with exposed cables and pulleys running long rubber v belts here and there. Quite the contraption like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The company goat (large white goat) somehow gets into the enclosure and winds up inside the machine. I try to get him out, but have no success. I try to find Caleb (co-worker I have in real life) to let him know and hope he can figure out what to do. I can’t find anyone to help. I go home, but all the while I am thinking I need to go back and make sure the goat is freed. He is eating the rubber belts and wiring in the machine and he could get hurt or get someone else hurt. I decide to go back to the work place. I open the door to leave the house when I wake up. I’m still thinking, “What happened to the goat?”

Really crazy, don’t you think? Crazy, but I remembered it in detail. I seldom can recall a dream to such completion. Memory is not always good to me.


Looking for answers to interpret this dream........

My first thought about this dream was I feel sorry for the goat. But really, why a goat? Why me? I’m an old farm girl and I have been exposed to the company of cattle, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, and horses either at home or at a friend or relative’s farm. I really don’t remember much about anyone having goats other than the one my great Aunt Freda had back in the late sixties at the logging camp her husband Mark worked at. Her goat was an old black and white Billy (male) they had brought in to control the brush around their camp. He was quite the character and would climb on top of your car if you stopped to visit. I haven’t thought about this in years. Could the dream be telling me to think of the old days? Maybe, I don’t know.

I attempted to look up what other sources think a goat dream could mean. While one site suggested troubles such as a scapegoat with someone trying to steal your ideas another had a completely different opinion suggesting a white goat as being a symbol of good luck and joy. Confused yet? Me, too, so I think a much broader look is needed.

I changed course and looked up other things in this dream like work, home, and machinery.

A dream about work could mean a variety of things such as anxiety about a current work problem or a solution needed for a project in progress. It may have nothing to do with your current occupation at all. A work dream could suggest the need to look at life in general and alert us to changes we may need to work out to succeed in making a more productive lifestyle in our future.

A work dream could merely mean that we are slacking and need to get back to work. It could be we are not satisfied with our regular work habits and that we need to find a better way to do things. Work does not have to be dreadful. Finding easier less stressful solutions will make the tasks more doable.

A dream about our home or our house reflects our own well being. It can mean feelings about how we are living or if our physical body is healthy or weak. A messy house could mean we need to clean our emotions of negative thoughts. The reflection on the state of mind we are in or things we need to address often represent itself in the form of dwellings we see in our dreams. The condition of these dwellings holds the clues to the meaning of the dream.

A dream about machinery can suggest the ability to operate and fix machinery and also donates certain conditions of how we see things work. If something does not work as it is designed to could be telling us we are not performing as well as we could be in our waking life. It could be the way our subconscious mind alerts us to find a solution to our problems. If we are feeling tired and drained the dream would not be farfetched on the information it is trying to get to come through. Maybe we need to shed a few pounds or it could be a vitamin regiment that will put us back on track. This dream could be a wake up call.


My interpretation to the goat dream is:

My interpretation to the goat dream is:

I think the white goat could be a lucky symbol and I hope it to be true. The rest of the dream could be a wakeup call to remind me to get busy at shedding some unwanted weight and to focus on finding energy so I feel like working both at home and at my part time job away from home. Vitamins and exercise will help. Crazy dreams can be just as informative as serious ones are. We know when we have been neglecting ourselves, but our subconscious minds know it as well and if we listen to our own warnings we’ll be well informed of any trouble coming our way.

It’s our dream. It’s as unique as we are and so is its meaning. Go see how well you can interpret your own dreams. It can be both interesting and fun.


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    • Diana Lee profile imageAUTHOR

      Diana L Pierce 

      2 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Thank you, Tamara for stopping by. That would be fascinating to be able to change the outcome of a dream.

    • profile image

      Tamara Moore 

      2 years ago

      Dreams can be really fascinating in the way they can change so rapidly, and even be very vivid. Once in awhile, when I know I'm dreaming, I will try to change my dream.

      Great Post!


    • Diana Lee profile imageAUTHOR

      Diana L Pierce 

      2 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Thank you, Dabangee, I appreciate your feedback. Sweet dreams.

    • Debangee Mandal profile image


      2 years ago from India

      Dreams have always been behind darkness and it depends how you interpret it.Some say it is your foresight while others say it is premonition of future happening. But good dreams are always cherished upon. It is very fascinating as to how you interpreted it . Lovely!

    • Diana Lee profile imageAUTHOR

      Diana L Pierce 

      2 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Thank you, Demas W Jasper for your input. Dreams have always caught my interest. All of them.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Most dreams are the completing of the day's unfinished thoughts which were interrupted by overriding thoughts. They are the brain's way of completing them, even bunching them together to make some "brain sense" of them. Those dreams are not to be confused with "visions" which can deliver a spiritual message, or similar "answers" that solve exhausting or troubling daylight ponderings. The locating of a site for the LDS Church's Hong Kong Temple in Kowloon was perhaps a combination of a spiritual message and some serious pondering by Gordon B. Hinckley who dreamed of the site where it is now located.


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