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Dreams that make us laugh only when we wake up

Updated on July 10, 2013

The dream interpreters say that dreams are the glimpses of sub-conscious state of mind that resembles the impalpable situations of life. Dreams mould such situations into symbolic actions and pictures that convey the abstract message to the person, showing him the solution to unfasten the knots of his life. This is quiet a mysterious part of life, where people even earn their living tackling the curiosity of people with paid interpretations that again raise new walls of curious anticipations that may combine both fear and happiness.

The strange part of the dream is the manner, in which our mind examines the things, where in spite of possessing the same level of intellectuality; we never get into the state of bewilderment to examine its cause. I remember one of my friends reciting his dream that still tickles my humorous mind and the strangest thing he told me was that he accepted this unnatural thing in his dream more seriously without any feeling of surprise. The dream, he recited is given below exactly in his words;

“I saw a dream where there was an agitation going on for some issue in our state, people were living in the reign of terror , where due to emergency there was a kind of mishap between some armed forces and the public. We just had to run to save our lives from flying bullets, flames, and blasts, for I think no reason in my dream. In my whole dream I ran without even looking back fearing that something is continuously chasing me. I was not alone; there were many people along with me bearing the same fear of death that I could see in their eyes. I was running with my friend when suddenly we heard a sound of fire, I screamed with fear towards my friend but he just convinced me that it was nothing but just the sound of eagles flying excreting. It was not so strange for me in the dream, so I kept running. When I woke up I remembered the words he told me, it was the funniest sentence I’s ever heard in my life.”

There is another dream that I saw when I was a child, which perhaps resembles my passion for biking. I saw that I had bought a brand new bike for me that had stainless steel handle with shiny body. I was riding the bike feeling great; people were throwing their envious glares towards my bike and me. Some of my friends came near me congratulating me for my new bike and started asking question about its attractive features. It was then I saw that the bike was made of high-class wood, even the handles had turned into wood and my friends were appreciating the class of wood used in the bike, and were stating it as one of the reason of its expensive price. It was not again so strange for me in my dream, but it made me laugh seriously when I woke up and it still does now.

There are many such dreams, that seem so funny when we wake up, but it never even pokes our conscious mind in our dreams. Perhaps it’s because the sub-conscious state of our mind doesn’t really measure things on its worldly appearance that is defined in our conscious state of mind as per the notion of our five senses. I wonder what these dreams would mean in our real life when we build a link of its resemblance to our real life.

Above all these dreams can be the source of sensitive humor in our life that will make us laugh during the difficult times of our life.


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