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Dreams that money can/cannot buy

Updated on August 19, 2014

Point of this Hub.

The reason that I am writing this Hub is because I have suffered from a lack of motivation in the past and I have found ways to increase my motivation level.

I just want to encourage someone that they too can fulfil their dreams. Their dreams are not limited to fiction but their dreams can become a reality.

Your ability to succeed is not limited!

My motivation

Ever since I was around 8 years old, I have been interested in motorbikes and dirt bikes. I always told myself that I would get one and that there would be a motorbike (preferably a Suzuki or Ducati 899) in my possession one day.

I would save money to buy the latest bike magazines, newspapers and even the occasional items of clothing just to emulate the riders who I watched on tv and to pretend that I was living the ‘dream’. Posters lined my walls for years but there was one problem.

I was consistently told that it would never happen, that I was too small to ride a motorbike, that I wasn't big enough to control a motorbike, that there was a high rate of crashing etc.. The usual put offs from people much older than me and my age group alike.

I unfortunately then allowed the doubters to become apart of my brain and gain free ‘rent space’ and therefore I moved from having a bike obsession into having a car obessesion. Cars that I could not afford started to line my walls and the same doubters started to creep back in.

‘That’s unaffordable’, ‘you’ll never have that car’, that engine surely is too big for you, I’m not sure that you can handle that’, ‘that’s only for rich people’.

These quotes are actual quotes which have been stated to me, however I believe that success is based upon how much you are willing to sacrifice rather than how much something costs. That’s not to say that everything will be smooth sailing and that everything should be focused upon the cars, the motorbikes and the happiness that comes with it, but it has been proven that where there is determination there is success, where there is perseverance there is reward, where is there is a cloud there is light and where there is a struggle there is a positive outcome.

This is why the all of the doubters, the naysayers and the haters will not stop my ambition. When I want something I generally get after it and I succeed.

I never have allowed anybody to tell me that my dreams cannot be fulfilled before and it certainly won’t start now.

Success is hard work +talent +faith in God in my opinion and through Him I can achieve anything.

That’s why next year I’m looking forward to the successful friendships that I will have made, the financial success that I’m hoping to achieve, the bike and the car that will be attained, the laughter that will be enjoyed.

Most of all I’m looking forward to another year on this Earth where my passions can be fulfilled, my relationships/friendships are extended and my dreams can be chased.

So as for right now, success is not around the corner, it is a step away, run to it, don’t be afraid to take risks and take advantage of every opportunity and the opportunity will take care of you.

I’m living my dream, are you ready to live yours?


Have you ever suffered from a lack of motivation?

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Dreams That Money Can't Buy


Focus on your next 24 hours, not your week.

I have included this video with Eric Thomas talking about his focus because I feel that He knows exactly how to motivate.

He is a great example of not focusing on the obstacles that can come up in front of you or the people that are not going to support you, he focuses on the 24 hour day which he feels is the perfect time to achieve.

I found this perfect for motivating me to write this Hub and I hope that it motivates you to succeed within the next 24 hours that you have.


3 Things to Remember:

1. Nobody can stop you from fulfilling your dreams apart from you.

2. You have 24 hours to start your business, to follow your dreams, to achieve your goals. If you treat every hour as if it is your last, then you will definitely succeed.

3. Find inspiration daily. Whether it be by reading a book such as The Bible, whether it be going for a run, whether it be playing music or watching a motivational video..Allow yourself to be inspired and you can inspire others.


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