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Dumbbell Home Routine

Updated on June 24, 2011


A dumbbell home workout routine can be very good. Most people will not see the potential dumbbell weights can have in creating a great body. You do not necessarily need a gym to get the body you want. This home workout I am going to show you will work for male and female, young and old.The workout will take 5 central exercises. I have chosen these effective exercises to to help everyone. Some may wonder as to why a male and female workout would be designed the same, well for men the effect of the workout will be to add muscle(because you have a lot of testerone) and lose fat. While for women the workout will tone muscles (not add size, because you are not full of testerone!) and strip away fat. So here we go...

One- One Arm Swinging

Start with you legs almost wider than your shoulders with one dumbbell on the floor between your legs. grasp up the dumbbell with either you left or right hand and swing the dumbbell between your legs up to shoulder height

Two- Squat and then Press

An awsome one for an overall fat burning response. start with a dumbbell in each hand in the squat position. move your legs up and then press the dumbbells over your head.

Three- Rowing Upright

Stand up with your back arched flat. Have a dumbbell in each hand and then 'row' the dumbbells back as if your elbows are being pulled towards the ceiling. This one is great for all of your arms and back!

Four- Lunges

These are often overlooked but are great. Lunges use your legs which are huge muscle group. This means you will use up alot of calories and burn plenty of fat. Even better for guys is that by training your legs you will release growth hormones which make you bigger in the upper body. Begin with a dumbbell in each hand and then lunge with your right then left leg.

Five- Chest Press

And finally one which will tone your chest. Quite a simple one, lie on a flat surface (the ground is fine!) have a dumbbell in each hand and push until your arms are straight.

Final Thoughts

So how many sets and reps?....

Well, in this dumbbell home workout I am recommending that you actually do exercises as a circuit. The way this works is that your do each exercise for one minute, one after another, completing three cycles. Try to have no more than half a minute rest between each exercise. This will take around 20 minutes. Use whatever amount of weight you feel comfortable with.


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