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Dylan McKenzie Morgenstern Hernandez

Updated on August 8, 2010
Dylan McKenzie Morgenstern Hernandez, rickzimmerman 2010
Dylan McKenzie Morgenstern Hernandez, rickzimmerman 2010

Wake up and face the global future!

Meet Dylan McKenzie Morgenstern Hernandez. She’s arrived just in time to teach us all a bit about the waves of change washing over us.

Step aside, Tiger Woods, with your ‘Cablinasian’ racial profile. Give way to Dylan, the child with 17 different racial and ethnic strains (as near as we can tell).

Dylan was conceived through the use of the full gamut of cutting-edge reproductive technologies and medical interventions. First, her impotent father’s cellular DNA was extracted from some of his skin cells, nurtured, then inserted into an anonymous donor’s motile sperm. The hybrid sperm was paired with an egg from Dylan’s mom, albeit a frozen egg, extracted from the years before her continuing treatment for uterine cancer.

As Dylan’s mom could not carry a child to term, once IVF produced a fertilized egg, that egg was placed within a surrogate mom selected by the family. Upon Dylan’s delivery, however, the surrogate proved unable to breast-feed, so another wet nurse was found.

Young Dylan McKenzie Morgenstern Hernandez therefore has 3 mothers and 3 fathers (she likes to include the doctor who made it all possible), 15 grandparents, numerous nannies at many different households, 13 step- or half-siblings, a totally non-judgmental view of issues of race, gender, color and creed, and one totally outrageous toy-chest.


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