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Dynamic Flexible Exercises for Jogging Enthusiasts

Updated on November 18, 2022
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Miebakagh57 is a retired Chief Administrative Officer. I am passionate about aerobic exercises, food, nutrition, and good health.

Dynamic High Plank



Majority of joggers are not preparing for a jogging session. Jogging for more than a mile and back is risky. The muscle and joint pains, cranks in the legs and arms, and the body, is terrific. I once jog ¾ of a mile and back, yet the pains subsist for three days. As a last resort, I visit a pharmacy who makes certain prescriptive medication or painkillers and muscles sorting drugs for the pains. Now, I do not jog without doing some dynamic work-outs. I have learned my lesson and always prepared well for it.

In this article, I will tell you how to do some stretching and dynamic exercises that will keep your muscle and joints flexible before you jog, and do any dynamic exercises. This will ensure that your joints and muscles are always in good condition before and after a jogging routine.


'Warming up is essential to a good workout-it is the cornerstone to stay limber and flexible! Warm-ups prime your nervous system; prepare your muscles, increase the delivery of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles; and ready your mind for exercise and performance. Cold muscles are more susceptible to injury'.-Obi Obadike,


Everyone is more flexible after exercise because you’ve increased circulation to those muscles and joints, and you’ve been moving them'.-Millar.

Dynamic Stretching Exercise

It is fitting that you do some dynamic stretching exercises before hitting the road or treadmill, jogging leisurely. You have not thought about warming up the muscles of the legs, arms, and body, have you? These routines will help you get 'maximum performance and protects you from injury'.

Warming ups in the form of dynamic stretching exercises are a must for every jogger and basic joggers. Your leg muscles, for example, are they flexible? These support, balanced, and move the body. The hip, buttock, and pelvis are playing a vital role during your jogging routine. Are these likewise flexible? What about the core? If your joints, muscles, hips, and core are not supple, forget about jogging for ¾ of a mile. You will do yourself great harm. You will end at the doctor’s consulting room or on the hospital sick bed.

If your body is not flexible, do not do any jogging sessions. And, besides, it is up to you to do the warming-up exercises for up to 5 minutes. Anything less than this is a disaster and a risk.

Why Dynamic Stretching

To avoid musculoskeletal pains and injuries, dynamic stretching becomes necessary. Do not overlook the fact that warming-ups can be overlooked by certain persons before jogging. And such persons end up with life-long injuries in the long run. Take a minute or two to dynamically stretch your body muscles before you end up with serious ill health.

Some athletes' or sports personalities' health system is deteriorating, because they do not take time to do dynamic stretching exercises in other to warm up the core, muscles, joints, and the body. You should only do exercises that are related to jogging. Static exercises are not good here. Your performance will only be reduced. So do only dynamic exercises as a preparation to jog. This will bring the muscles of the leg, hip, waist, arm, shoulder, and core into prominence.

Dynamic Mountain Climbing Exercise


A Static Stretching Against Dynamic Stretching

As pointed out, you should not do a static stretch before you jog. One significant disadvantage is that your muscles get retard. Circulation of oxygen, blood, and food nutrients for the cells, joints, and muscles of the body becomes limited. Static stretching and warming-ups will decrease muscle and joint performances. What is static stretching or warming up good for? It is only best for a person who wants to get a siesta or go to bed at night. You do disagree? Then no wonder you will feel sleepy during the jogging session. I had experienced this before, I shit gear to dynamic stretching.

11 Dynamic Workouts for Joggers

Here are some best dynamic exercises to do before you jog. These exercises target the arms, legs, core, and their associated muscles and joints that enhance your jogging experiences. Feel free to do 5 or 6 of these workouts for a minute before jogging. Doing more or less will also decrease your performance. In all these workouts, a respite of 10 to 20 seconds is allowed.

1. Light Jogging

This exercise will raise the core temperature. The Leg and arm muscles will become more elastic for the workout. This light aerobic cardio warm-up is for only 3 minutes.

If you are observing, you will notice football coaches taking the boys for a brief jog before the actual training. The light jogging routine is followed by some dynamic exercises as mentioned in this section. So, jog briefly for 3 minutes, to warm up the body before doing the below exercises.

Dynamic Light Jogging

Early morning 5.00AM pre-joggers.
Early morning 5.00AM pre-joggers. | Source

2. Brisk Walking

Walking is natural, and it is a dynamic exercise. Walk from one point A to B 30 yards and back. As you walk, look ahead to keep your body straight. Breathe in and out to circulate free and fresh oxygen into the bloodstream. If you can't walk, you can't either jog or run, right? So, make walking a pleasurable exercise., and walk tall.

3. Jumping - Jack

This is another dynamic exercise you should be doing before jogging. It stretches the arms and the leg muscles. The abdomen and back muscles are engaged and toned, making the whole body supple. It gets the heart rate up. See the video to do the exercise and the engaged muscles.

Dynamic Jumping-Jack

4. Push-ups and Down

This dynamic exercise stretches the muscle of the chest, shoulders, arm, and core. It builds the upper body and tones the core. The back and legs are not left out. Like the plank, the pushes up are noted as a measure of your overall fitness. Do 10 push-ups and down.

5. Dynamic Planks

Dynamic Planks: arm extension, leg extension, both arm and leg extension, basic plank on hands, plank on the medicine ball. Watch the video below for practical demonstrations.

6. Butt Kick

Stand stationary and jog, and let the back of the leg touch the buttock. This stretches the leg muscles. You are on a jogging session and the joint and muscles of the legs and hip needs to be flexible enough. Now, begin to move while jogging, and let the back of the leg touch the buttock.

7. Dynamic Running

Run at a low intensity for 30 yards and back. This will further raise your heart rate and your body well-mobilized for the jogging workout. A dash is welcomed here, but not a sprint.

8. Knee to Chest

Used it to stretch the lower back, hamstring, and glutes. Stand with the hands parallel to the body. Now, hold the knee with both hands and bring it to the chest while standing on one leg. Secondly, hold and bring the other knee to the chest. Always keep the back straight. At the last count, raise the heel of the foot off the floor and land on your toes. You can also do this exercise while lying on your back on the floor. Just hold the knee and bring it to the chest.

Dynamic Knee to Chest

I pose in the knee to chest stance.
I pose in the knee to chest stance. | Source

9. High Kicks

This will warm up the hamstring muscles and improve your range of motion. Kick with the right leg and extend the left arm over. Kick with the left and do the same with the right arm. You can stand or walk, doing the trick. But I prefer walking and kicking, as this makes it more dynamic.

10. Leg Swing

With your hand supporting the wall, or any stationary object on the floor, swing the right leg forward as if kicking a football and backward for 10 repetitions. Do the same with the left leg.

11. Arm Swing

Stand stationary. Swing your right arm forward and backward. Do not allow the arm to be perpendicular to the head. But it should move parallel to the ground or floor. Do the same with the left hand. Do 5 repetitions. With the same standing position, swing both arms alternately as if in a marching motion. After this, swing the arm to be perpendicular to the head. Do 5 repetitions likewise.

Nutrition for Dynamic Joggers

It is best that you thought of a simple healthy eating plan. Dynamic exercise like jogging calls for high energy consumption. It is wise you eat some of the following foods.

  • Eat complex carbohydrates that deliver immediate energy. Dried fruits like dates and copra are excellent. Seeds such as grass nuts or tiger nuts are okay. Since all these contain complex sugars that will not spike the blood.
  • Fresh grapes and sugar canes are to be eaten likewise for energy.
  • Suck oranges or organic orange juice.
  • Eat organic proteins: eggs, diluted milk, and nuts such as peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, and Brazil nuts.
  • Eat all fruits and vegetables like mangoes, guava, avocado, apples, cucumbers, and watermelon.
  • Eat fish: tuna, mullet, sardine, cod, shrimp, and lobster.
  • Slice a lemon into a 75-cl warm water drink and wait for 30 minutes before eating any light meal. Then wait for an hour before doing warm-ups and jogging. Otherwise, nauseating and vomiting results.
  • Eat organic cheese, butter, milk, and dairy products.

This will help boost your energy level, and help nourish the body to good health.

Eat Dry Dates and Grass Nuts for Immediate energy


Jog Leisurely

Now begin to jog leisurely. Slow, leisurely, and steady jogging will benefit you more in the long run. As you jog, look ahead. Do not look down to get that round shoulder disease. Look up and keep jogging slowly.

The longer the distance up to a mile, the slower you go, and the healthier you become. You are not in a running competition. So, why rush like a puma or a tiger? Your pacing should be short. Long pacing means you are running.

Breathe in and out as you go. After 10 to 15 minutes of jogging, employ brisk walking tactics here. Walk tall. Adjust your body further with a brief dash or print at a moderate intensity to prevent a fall. Then jog slowly and leisurely again. Keep employing all these dynamic activities in brisk walking, dashing, and deep breathing during the jogging session to the end.

Dynamic Jogging

A basic jogger jogging.
A basic jogger jogging. | Source

Cooling Down

'After you go for a run (jogging) or weight-train, you walk around a little to cool down. Then you do some stretching. It’s a nice way to end a workout'. Brako

Dynamic Recovery Exercise

After doing your jogging routine, rest for 5 minutes. Then do certain recovery exercises. These exercises should be the very dynamic warm-up exercise you executed before you jog. This helps keep your joints and muscles flexible and limbering.

Foods to Eat after Jogging

In addition to the diet, you eat before you jog, eat lean meat, and skinless chicken. Eat whey protein. Eat oats with eggs; whole grain, seeds, legumes, avocado, and olives. Likewise, eat fish and dairy. These types of food will help build a strong, healthy muscles to sculpt your body. You can eat your ordinary supper or dinner meals.

A Balanced Diet



Dynamic exercises like jogging required low-intensity dynamic stretching exercises to work the leg muscles and joints, the arm muscles, the core, and the entire body. This will make the muscles, joints, and body flexible and supple. This reduces injuries, muscle pains, and cramps. Before, during, and after the jogging session, you are flexible and injury free.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2019 Miebakagh Fiberesima


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