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E. Coli O104.H4: Bio Weapon or Radioactive Evolution?

Updated on March 13, 2012

E. Coli O104.H4

The recent outbreak of the super strain of e. coli in Germany and other parts of the world, has many people on edge. Where did this outbreak start? Why is this strain of e. coli so resistant to so many types of antibiotics? How far has the bug spread? Why is it so much more contagious then any other strain? What can be done to avoid getting infected?

These are all good questions, and when a person delves into the research done on e. coli evolution, it's easy to see that it's no simple coincidence that this e. coli strain seems to have super powers. So with that in mind, it comes down to a few options as to how E. Coli O104.H4 became what it is today.

BioEngineered BioWeapon

All over the world, many governments are working their butts off to outlaw organic farming and natural medicine. Many places have made it so that your only source of good health is either luck or allopathic medicine.

With all the experts pointing their fingers at organic foods, it gives us a clear motive for why the new e. coli strain would have been bioengineered in the first place. Laws and regulations rarely stop people from following what they know to be right, but fear is another thing all together. You can easily scare a person out of doing what they know to be right, if they think doing the right thing might cause them great pain. So by pinpointing an organic vegetable source, they could easily scare people away from buying organic. Which would then pave the way for more rules and laws against organic food and natural medicine. No one would object if they thought it was in their best interests.

Now that we have a motive, we just need some proof that the new e. coli strain was bioengineered and not just a product of natural bacterial evolution. We actually have that proof from the strain number and the fact that the new strain is resistant to all top 8 forms of antibiotic that are normally used to combat e coli.

In fact, if it were possible for an e. coli strain of the O104 variety were able to mutate in such a way on it's own, then the E. Coli Long-term Evolution Experiment conducted by Richard Lenski, would have picked up on such mutations by now. They have done plenty of experiments with the Shiva brand of E. Coli in the past, and not yet have they unveiled an e. coli strain with such super powers. Which points to the fact that even if e. coli were capable of such an evolutionary tactic on it's own, it would take hundreds of years for it to do so.

With this bit of knowledge, we can rule out the notion that this e. coli strain magically developed into a superbug of it's own volition. It had to have help.

Which brings me to the only other obvious answer....

Radioactive Evolution

There is only one other way that this super strain of e. coli could have developed to quickly on an evolutionary scale - it was exposed to high doses of radiation which caused it to mutate at a high rate. This could explain how E. Coli O104.H4 appears to have characteristics from many different strains of e. coli, as well as explaining the reason why it suddenly has the super power of being resistant to almost every allopathic medicine we can throw at it.

Could it be that the recent Fukushima accident that released tons of radioactive chemicals into our atmosphere, could have changed the genetic makeup of some of the most invasive bacteria on earth? Many experts have gone over the topic of the radiation leaks being so miniscule they could not directly effect humans on a noticeable level. Though they haven't even touched on the topic of those same miniscule amounts of radiation, being large doses in a microscopic world.

What do you think?

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    • profile image

      The Reactionary Researcher 6 years ago

      Please have a look at an informed alternative viewpoint from someone who actually knows something about bacterial genetics. There's no great mystery here; there are pieces of genetic information known as mobile genetic elements that move between organisms. MGEs frequently carry multiple antibiotic resistance genes as well as virulence and pathogenicity factors on the same genetic cassette, which can transform an innocuous, non-pathogenic, antibiotic sensitive strain into a dangerous, multiple antibiotic resistant strain pretty much instantly.