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E Cigarettes

Updated on March 26, 2015

E Cigarettes

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Kicking the Habit

More and more places are putting up no smoking signs and others are trying to kick the habit. For those people that enjoy the flow of smoke the e cigarette might be the thing to use. This vapor is like smoke but not smoke. It does not harm the environment or the person next to you. This little gadget may be the way out for those people determined not to stop smoking but looking to avoid any health problems related to smoking.

E cigarettes or Cigarettes

The Surgeon general has made it clear that smoking is bad for your health. But now added to the equation is the e-cigarette. Many places no longer allow cigarettes to be smoked inside buildings leaving smokers no choice but to smoke outside. With the electronic cigarette the smoker can smoke anyplace and get the same effect they have with regular cigarette without breaking any rules or disturbing anyone with their smoke. Is Vaping better than regular smoking, is it cheaper? Some say it is too early to tell. Getting set up with this product seems to cost some financial output in the beginning. Whether it will prove cheaper in the long run is still unknown.

Second hand smoke is a major concern of people not wanting to spend time around people when they are smoking. But the habit of smoking has proved too difficult for some to let go of. This bold new feeling of smoking without the worry of damaging your body or the body of anyone else is intriguing. Smoke with unbridled pleasure as much as you like with no one standing beside you looking as if you have just committed a crime. You puff away on your e-cigarette taking away the guilt. No shame about ruining your lungs with this mechanical marvel. The electronic cigarette is the new connection; no hiding packs of cigarettes from your spouse after you have said you have stopped entertaining the little white sticks. No more smoke odor in the curtains or standing in the cold to satisfy your craving.

The world is slowly making a transfer to electronic smoking. Trying to decide if it is cheaper is still not concrete. The product to begin the process is a little costly but the long range outlet seems promising. There are many generational smokers out there and giving up conventional smoking is going to be difficult. The beginning cost of Vap is around $70 purchase these startup items on the web and at some stores. These products are not widely available as of yet.

The famous billboard ad of the Camel Man and the Marlboro Man is no longer plastered all over the place. What will happen with the advertising of the E-cigarette? Once the e-cigarette is a part of the daily routine will the price go up or will it be taxed? Will the e-cigarette be considered a luxury? Will the price of cigarettes go down? Too many questions not enough answers. The e cigarette is too new on the market for these questions to be fairly answered. After all, cigarettes have been developing for generations. The packaging the style the medical analysis, did not develop overnight.

While you are enjoying your freedom from smoke keep in mind nicotine is still not what you want to keep taking into your body or maybe you do; only you know. New smokers may feel this new method is OK but in reality there is still the problem of Nicotine and getting addicted to anything is not good. The exhale is okay but what about the inhale. Not criticizing the product but asking a few questions for the benefit of the consumer? If a product is worth its salt, it will not be afraid of a few questions.

If you get caught in the rain your e cigarette will get wet if you keep it out. But unlike a regular cigarette you can place it in a pocket or compartment with no consequences. But if you fall into the pool or lake the e cigarettes will stop but your regular cigarettes will be ruined too. Clearly the e cigarette has a lot of issues to be worked out but no doubt like anything in its infancy it will get worked out. E cigarettes sound very crisp and clean but are they really. Are e- cigarettes better than regular cigarettes? Perhaps they are better for the general public but not necessarily better for the smoker. Maybe as the product is further developed there will be a non nicotine way of puffing to your hearts content that will satisfy both the smoker and the nonsmoker. After all with today’s technology surely a safer way to smoke can be developed.


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