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Eating for Your Health

Updated on November 16, 2015
Yes! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is on the list.
Yes! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is on the list.

33 Foods that are Good For You

The healthy super foods you need to fend off serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular problems, fortify your immune system, protect against macular degeneration, increases brain health, smooths your skin and controls your weight.

Dark Chocolate
Packed with flavanol from cocoa. These antioxidants help reduce blood clots, lower blood pressure, inflammation and even improves insulin resistance.

Low fat Dairy
Will reduce heart disease, improve resistance to strokes and type 2 diabetes. Try low fat Greek yoghurt which has twice the protein of traditional yoghurt.

Red Wine
Aids longevity, lowers risk of diabetes and heart disease - and great for congeniality! Moderate drinking is defined as 1 glass for women, 2 glasses for men per day.

Olive Oil
Must be the Extra Virgin, as it is less refined and will lower cholesterol and aid in clotting. May benefit insulin and control blood sugar levels if you have Type 2 diabetes. (One Tablespoon has 119 calories)

Contains sulfur compounds which lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and prevent colon and stomach cancers due to its antibacterial properties. It contains potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and Vitamin C.

The nuts that are renowned for protein are Almonds and Walnuts, which are rich in Omega 3, plus the other tree nuts.

Black and Green Tea
Tea is full of antioxidant flavonoids, and they may have strong anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties to protect against certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

Green tea has the highest amount of polyphenols which keep the heart and brain healthy. A recent study, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that elderly people who regularly drink green tea were more likely to remain independent and not show functional disability.

Just maybe the spice of life. The antioxidant that gives the condiment its colour has shown to halt tumour growth and destroy cancer cells in lab tests. Turmeric, the colour in curry spice, can be sprinkled on vegetables, especially cauliflower or cabbage significantly increases the spice's cancer-fighting ability. It may also help break up plaques in the brain that cause Alzheimer's say UCLA scientists.

Whether it is fresh, dried or juiced has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with nausea and digestive problems and possesses anti-viral properties.

What to Eat - Basic Nutrition - Virtual Health Coach

Health Meats


The best protein is in the cold water fish like Tuna and Salmon that are rich in Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids which will protect your heart.

Lean Meat

High in protein, B vitamins, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc and Magnesium. Lean meat includes boneless, skinless chicken breasts and turkey cutlets.

The leanest beef cuts are round steaks and roasts, top loin, sirloin, chuck shoulder. If you want a burger, make the patties with ground beef labeled at least 90% lean.

Don't fry meats, broil, grill or roast instead.

Healthy Beans and Seeds

Beans are protective against certain cancers, a top-rated food for diabetics, and when combined with a grain, they provide a high quality protein for vegetarians.


Unlike flaxseed, chia does not need to be refrigerated. It protects against inflammation, reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Use as a topping for yogurt as chia contains more calcium than milk per serving.


Grind up before eating and keep refrigerated. The fibre in flax seed makes you feel full faster and keeps blood sugar stable. The phyto-nutrient lignans lowers risks of heart disease and digestive organ cancers.

Kidney Beans

Great for potassium, magnesium which lowers blood pressure and LDL cholesterol.


Do not need soaking and has no sulphur producing enzymes. They are chock full of iron, manganese, thiamin, potassium, copper and protein. Its unique combination of complex carbohydrates is essential for body and brain health.

Black Beans

High in the phyto-chemicals contained in the rich colour foods and anthocyanins as found in blueberries.

Best Healthy Fruits


High in fibre and pectin clears bad LDL cholesterol, as does apple cider vinegar in the liquid or capsules.


The deep vibrant colours are high in antioxidants, good for carotenoids and flavonoids which protect the heart, memory and urinary tract health. They have been linked to reducing diabetes risk, slowing the ageing process and improving motor skills.


High in potassium which aids blood pressure, critical for muscle function and the digestive system, also reduces the risk of strokes.

As raisins are dried grapes they are a rich source of iron which helps the blood carry oxygen. They also contain selenium, Vitamin A, potassium and are known to fight anemia, fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Full of mono and poly unsaturated fas which help you to feel full. Rich in Vitamin C, and E, potassium and lutein. When put into a salad or salsa, the monounsaturated fat helps you to absorb carotenoids, lycopene and beta carotene are antioxidants that help to protect against cancer, heart and eye health problems.

Vegetables for Good Health

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in Vitamin K, E, and B, plus calcium, iron, selenium and potassium.


Loaded with calcium which is beneficial for bones and teeth. It contains the most essential vitamins and minerals needed to help the body grow and work properly. All cruciferous vegetables fight cancer.

Brussel Sprouts

The sulphur compounds lower risk of prostate cancer also stomach and breast cancer. May be useful, according John Hopkins Medicine, to prevent a recurrence of cancer, particularly breast cancer.


Has iron, calcium and Vitamin A. However, the non-heme sources of iron will absorb better if eaten with some vitamin C rich foods.


Anti cancer benefits, heightens immunity and lowers inflammation, prevents macular degeneration.


The orange colour shows it is high in beta carotene which fights heart disease.

Sweet Potatoes

High level of potassium, Vitamin A and beta carotene which lowers blood pressure and reduced stroke risk, and aids skin cell production.


The deep purple colour shows the presence of the antioxidants which protect brain cells and lipid levels.


Contains the phytonutrients to metabolise amino acids and the red pigments fight cancer, lowers the risk of heart disease and is anti-inflammatory.


(Classified as a fruit), is high in vitamin C, A and K. The red colour shows the presence of the antioxidant lycopene which lowers inflammation, cholesterol and ensures better heart and prostrate health, and gelps fight prostate, lung and stomach cancers.

Healthy Grains

Eat whole wheat bread and rolls.

Bulgar Wheat

Higher fibre in the whole grains, the nutrients are linked to lower cholesterol, bloods sugars and blood pressure levels. Also helps to prevent some types of cancer, diabetes and obesity.


Instead of rice, a wholegrain and complete protein containing all the amino acids for muscle building and upping metabolism.


An essential food for diabetics, perfect for reducing cholesterol and a solid source for Vitamins B1, B2 and E.

How to develop Healthy Eating Habits - Howcast

© 2012 Shelley Watson


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