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Ear Candling: The Experience

Updated on May 3, 2016
What ear candles look like.
What ear candles look like.
Proper ear candling procedure.
Proper ear candling procedure.

What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling(Also called ear conning.) is a holistic treatment using a special type of candle that is made of cotton or linen, then wrapped in a cone shape dipped in wax then left to harden. The pointed part of the candle is placed in the ear canal then lit at the top. Its purpose is to draw out wax , along with other toxins from the ear. It is said ear candling can help relieve numerous ear problems such as vertigo, tinnitus, headaches, colds, minor ear aches, even sinus troubles. Ear candling has also been known to be used as a spiritual experience being said to help clear the mind and senses. In native cultures ear candling is often used before meditation.

Medical experts claim ear candling has no medical benefits. In fact they state it could deposit even more wax in the ear. There is also risk of burns and ear damage. There was even a death report by ear candling. In defense of this holistic treatment the woman had tried the ear candling treatment herself. It is highly advised to see a licensed holistic therapist or massage therapist trained in this procedure.

History of Ear Candling

Ear candling has been said to date as far back as 2500 BC reigning from ancient China and Tibet, but it’s been found mentioned in the scrolls of ancient Egypt showing the use of this holistic procedure. Some even think it originated in Atlantis. One thing is for sure this therapy treatment has been practiced throughout the world from the Native Mayans, Native Americans, Asia, and India.

The Procedure Experience

Knowing fire is involved it is NOT I said NOT advised to do this yourself. Be safe and see a holistic specialist trained in this practice to get your ear candling treatment done.

Having a bowl of water near by you lay on your side where a special cloth with an opening in the middle is placed over your ear revealing just your ear for protection.

The cone candle is placed in your ear as the therapist next lights the candle on the other end. While the candle is burning the therapist may fan the escaping smoke back inside cone. This is last about 12 to 15 minuets then done! You repeat this on your other ear with a new candle. That is it.

The Results

As they say results can vary depending on the person, and what they are using ear candling for. Car candling is actually a relaxing experience. Does it work thought? I tried it for I suffer from vertigo. Before the ear candling I could not lay flat on my back if I did the room would start to roll. I always had to have my head raised if I was to lay on my back. After getting ear candling done I put its claims to the test. I was not expecting any change. I went to lay down flat on my back. The spinning? It actually did subside a bit. I could handle it. Was it due to the ear candling? Maybe, maybe not. It could be just the power of the mind, but I was not expecting any change.


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