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Easy, Three-Step Diet Plan: Week Two. Still Losing Weight!

Updated on September 13, 2012

How Much Did I Lose This Week?

Review of the Plan

I have completed two weeks on the Easy, Three-Step Diet Plan. Here are the Three Steps:

1. Practice awareness about eating.

2. Exercise every day

3. Weigh in once a week.

For a complete explanation of the steps, read my other hubs : Easy Three Step Diet Plan, The Easy, Three Step Diet Plan: Week One, What is Intuitive Eating and Could it Work for You? and How Often Should You Weigh Yourself.

Weight Loss Total This Week and To Date:

If you have been following my journey on this plan, you know that I lost 1. 6 lbs. Week One, and I am proud to announce that after Week Two, I lost another 1.6 lbs. This means after two weeks I have lost a total of 3.2 lbs.!

What Are My Weight Loss Goals?

I haven't disclosed how much I weigh, or how much I want to lose. I will say that this summer I put on eight extra pounds from emotional eating. So, my initial goal is to lose 8.2 pounds and get back to where I started. After that, I then want to lose another 5 pounds and be able to maintain that weight. I have been at a lower weight and I've had lower goal weights, but I feel that a 13.2 pound weight loss is a healthy and realistic goal for me. Plus, my ultimate goal is to be able to maintain that weight. I have a problem with yo-yo-ing with weight and I want that to change.


I never missed a workout. Whether at six am, two in the afternoon, or sometime after supper, I made sure to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day.

I did not get on the scale. Prior to starting this plan, I had been pretty obsessive about the scale, getting on it several times a day. I let it rule my mood and my eating patterns. During the past two weeks, I have weighed myself only twice, once at each weekly weigh-in. I feel so much healthier about this approach!


Drink more water! I know I set this as a goal last week but I am still lacking in this area. I tend to reach for diet soda or drink hot tea and have never been a water drinker. I'm going to try to be aware in this area and make an effort to drink more H20!

Make Healthier Food Choices Although I am losing weight, I still tend toward sugary treats. I don't feel my best after indulging in too much sugar, so I plan to examine the thoughts that lead to my choices and hope to pass on the sweets a little more often next week.

Avoid Overeating. I had one overeating session with potato chips and Doritos and felt myself slipping into my old habit of wanting to abandon my efforts and just "start tomorrow". I am working on my awareness of why I do this, connecting my thoughts to my habits. I hope to avoid any "pig-outs on purpose" but also to remind myself that I am working toward progress, not perfection.

Join in The Easy, Three Step Diet Plan!

I hope that you will join me on this journey toward easy, healthy weight loss. There are no charts, menu plans or rules to follow. The most important things are to tune in and be aware about your eating, make sure you exercise, and get on the scale no more than once a week. It is an approach that really does work, is healthy and can be followed for a life-time.

I thank you, readers, for being there. I think of you when I feel like skipping my workout or want to just escape into food. Knowing I am reporting to you helps keep me focused on my goals and makes me aware of my thoughts.

I have ten more pounds to go. I know I can do it. And whatever your goal is, I know you can do it, too!



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    • g-girl11 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi mismazda If only those ten pounds could come off as easy as they go on! But you seem to be doing all the right things. Good luck!

    • mismazda profile image


      6 years ago from a southern georgia peach

      I have also put on ten lbs in the past month...however I have been trying to cut back on my eating well as walk everyday...and I need to drink more H2O also....


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