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Healthy Eating for Healthy Living and Weight Loss

Updated on October 14, 2012

Healthy eating is essential for healthy living. You need to control your eating habits to remain free from diseases. One other main objective of control over eating is to lose weight. Generally people are very anxious to lose weight quickly. Once they start any diet or training program to lose weight they start to monitor their weight on a daily basis. But if the weight has to show a downward trend it takes at least a week or two.

Foods to Avoid for Losing Weight

Certain foods have to be avoided for losing weight.. Examine the food intake and cut down all the junk food. It is essential to cut off all soft drinks and other sugary drinks.

Fiber Rich Foods

The junk and fatty foods will have to be substituted by fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. As these products carry fiber, they can be digested more easily and carry less calories. They can also keep away the pangs of hunger longer.

Control Over Eating

Instead the usual breakfast and two meals have six mini meals a day. Keep all that you want to eat in the plate and desist from having any second serving. It is much easier to control over the food you eat by this method.

It is quite important to feel satisfied after a meal. If you feel hungry after a while eat a fruit and don’t go for a soft drink, desert or any other high calorie food. Drink at least six large glasses of water a day.

It is important not to starve. The pangs of hunger may tempt you gorge food sometime. It is necessary to have the right kind of food in right quantities at the right time. Food is important for the brain, muscles and the rest of the body.

If you are unable to have your meal for any reason substitute it with fruits and whole grain products before you proceed to the gym or swimming.

Junk Foods to Avoid

When you shop in the supermarket don’t buy extra snacks. Avoid all junk foods and soft drinks in your purchase list. If food is not available you cannot eat it. Buy plenty of fruits and store them.

Regular Exercise to Lose Weight

You need regular exercise to Lose Weight. If you swim, jog or walk regularly, it is excellent. Get other forms of exercises too. If you are accustomed one kind of exercise you body may burn fewer calories after a while. If you jog for few minutes, walk for another fifteen minutes extra. Strength training is important for both men and ladies. As you develop more muscles you tend to burn more calories. Cardio exercises are very important to lose weight.

It is very good idea to get some exercise immediately after eating food. An hour’s lunch break may have enough time for a short walk too. This walk may reduce stress levels and boost energy.

The control over eating habits will help you to lose weight. Regular exercise would also be of immense help to accelerate the weight loss.


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    • bnsridhar profile image

      bnsridhar 6 years ago from India

      According to the latest findings eating yogurt any time leads to weight loss. I have seen several people reduce their weight quickly by spot jogging.

    • profile image

      khmohsin 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing these tips as I am over weighted and trying to reduce my weight these days.:)

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      These are good tips, and if followed will definately lead to weight loss.