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Easy Workout Routines-The Simple Exercises To Get Your Heart Racing

Updated on April 19, 2013

Working out on a regular occasion can be a fantastic way to help your body become healthier as well as improve it always. Though, on occasion, workouts can be annoying, frustrating and quite boring, so what can you do to make things fun? What can you do to keep up with your workout routines? Well, working out while watching television or listening to music can actually make exercising fun and exciting.

A Simple Workout Routine

Firstly, what you should try to do is to sit down and try some slow breathing practices. Your breathing is very important in exercising and starting with some deep and slow belly breathing will help to relax all of your muscles and prepare your body for harsher exercises.

The Stomach Crunch

Stomach flexing is great to attempt; you can start by flexing your abs and the abdominal muscles through light stomach crunches. When you are attempting a stomach crunch, you can actually feel the muscles working if you put your hand onto your stomach. You really don’t want to be wearing tight fitting clothes because it will hamper you, so lose fitting clothes are better to wear. Your stomach needs to be pushed out and not sucked in to work correctly.


Skipping or jump rope is a great way to do some light and warm up exercises. All you need is a skipping rope and you start jumping. You don’t need to push yourself too much, just simply jump slowly. This is really a high impact exercise and it really gets your heart racing and the blood pumping through the body also. This exercise really gives the legs and the leg muscles a huge workout because you are using your legs; and you can actually pace yourself to build up your speed and timing also.

You don’t necessarily need to have a rope, just light jumping could do a lot of good. This also helps to stop knocking over things in your home!

Running On the Spot

Running doesn’t need to be running outside, you could attempt running on the spot. When you are watching television or listening to music, you could run on the spot. You should gently lift your knees as you run and slowly lift your knees higher. You can add weights to your ankles and its more resistance training and it can push you further. This helps to offer a bigger and more intense workout for the entire body.

The L-Sit

This is not going to be for everyone. The L-sit is something hard to do and for those that haven’t tried them before but want to attempt the L-Sit should use a soft chair or even the floor.

You sit down either on a floor or a hair and put your legs out in front of you. This creates the L shape; and once your legs are out in front of your body, you should place your hands onto the floor or arm of the chair if you are sitting, and try raising or lifting your body. If you are strong enough, you could lift yourself off the group. However, be careful you don’t hurt yourself while attempting L-sitting.


If you are used to yoga or have a good balance, balancing is best exercise for you. You will stand on one leg and try to hold a pose such as one leg raised slightly off the ground. If you aren’t too good at keeping your balance, try raising or lifting one foot off the ground just slightly and keep it off the ground for a few seconds. You can slowly build yourself up.


Bursts of squats can really help to strength the body’s core. It doesn’t require a lot of strength though it does help if your legs are strong as here is where the real workout takes place. With squatting, you should try shorter groups of squats of 10 or 12 in 30 seconds; you can of course add more as your body gets used to squatting.

This is going to put a lot of pressure onto your legs and you might find your back feels the effects of the squats. The back needs to be completely straight at all times when completing the squats to really feel all the effects. Though you might find your back hurts after the first few squats but this pain goes away after you have been doing the squats for longer.

Leg Raise While Sitting

This can be very easy to do. You sit down on the sofa or chair, sit with your legs straight out in front of you and slowly raise them. This can really help to work your legs, thighs and even your abdominal area. This is quite effective and anyone can try this either sitting on the floor or the chair.

Step Ups

Step ups are a favourite and can be quite fun. You can go to your front door step or get a stool or an exercise step and challenge yourself to how many step ups you can do in a minute. If you use an exercise step then you can place this anywhere in your home so you can watch television or listen to music while working out.

You could start off with only a few repetitions and slowly move on to more. You can increase the time you workout with steps ups and you hold onto weights during step ups to make it difficult for you. There is a variety of methods you could try while doing step ups.

Weights – Dead Lifts

Weights are very popular today and dead lifts are not the most difficult exercise either. You can use a barbell – or if you are not comfortable using a barbell, use two lighter dumbbells; and place them at your feet. Your toes need to be spaced slightly apart and underneath the bar. You need to bend your knees and lean over the weights but you must keep your back straight in order to feel the effects.

You should make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor and take your arms and place them over the weights. Take the weight and slowly stand back up; don’t jump up with the weight in case you hurt your back. Your arms need to hand at your sides when lifting the weights; and you need to keep the weight lifted near your waistline for a few seconds before slowly bending down and putting down the weight.


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