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Easy and Natural Cellulite Removal

Updated on December 19, 2012

Celebrities With Cellulite!

A Skin Problem Most Women Don't Understand

Most women don't understand cellulite. When they see it, they immediately think they have a weight problem and take steps to loose weight. While cellulite is loosely connected to weight, it's not nearly as important as women think it is. In fact, if cellulite is noticeable, reducing weight shouldn't be the primary goal -- strengthening and improving the skin should be.

It's certainly not easy to remove cellulite from your body, but that doesn't mean it has to be heard either. With the right tips, tricks, advice and know-how, cellulite removal can be a painless and very much hassle free. The key thing is maintaining your patience and keeping dedicated. If you start today and quit tomorrow (or a week later), you're not going to obtain smooth skin.

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Coffee Massage?

My 7 Favorite Cellulite Removal Tips & Remedies

There are many home remedies & tips for eliminating cellulite naturally and quickly. Some work better than others, while some don't work at all. Regardless of which cellulite removal remedy you choose, just be sure to never rely completely on one remedy alone. Relying on one remedy when there are dozens you you can utilize is, in a word, foolish. Don't do it. Use every remedy & technique in your arsenal or you WILL lose the war against cellulite -- that I can guarantee.

1. Deep Tissue Massage -- A deep penetrating massage can prove to be very effective for cellulite removal. Not only does this help in relaxing sore muscle tissues but additionally helps in lymphatic drainage. This aids removing toxic impurities and encourages blood circulation throughout areas which have cellulite deposits. Deep massage also has the added benefits of actually breaking up cellulite deposits. Deep tissue massage usually requires the help of a massage roller or "cellulite massager". Using your hands alone will rarely get the job done.

2. Coffee Grounds -- Yet another popular method is the application of coffee grounds via simple body wraps. Caffeine is effective at tightening blood vessels and does a world of good for anyone infested with cellulite. Simply combine the coffee grounds with your usual skin lotions and creams and then wrap the area tightly in either thin cloth or seaweed wrap. Let it sit for 45 minutes, then wash the area and applying moisturizing lotions.

3. Skin Brushing -- In gentle circular motions, this provides the same effect as that of a body massage, but it can be done much faster and easier; plus you can do it at a moments notice. Massage a little apple cider vinegar over these cellulite affected areas every other brushing session for a little added oomph to the treatment.

4. Flush Your System -- Water has some truly amazing qualities, one among them is the ability to flush out toxins from your body. A poor lymphatic system contributes directly to the appearance of nasty cellulite. By purging this system of toxins (plenty of water), your skin will more quickly return to a smoother, less dimpled look.

5. Antioxidant Load Up -- Vegetable and fruit juices can bolster your skin cells via antioxidants and minerals. Antioxidants are very important for combating the skin damaging free radical molecules and toxins in your body. Berries (great anti-cellulite snack by the way) are hugely beneficial for those with cellulite problems.

6. Fish & Fish Oil Capsules -- If I have to explain this one, well, you've been living under a rock these past few years. The information coming out on fish oil only gets better it seems with each passing year. Heart function, skin health, mental health, you name it, it seems fish are an excellent food to be eating. How do they help with cellulite you ask? Well, it's all about their effect on skin cells. It not only repairs them, it fortifies, strengthens, and bolsters them like you wouldn't believe. Note: Krill oil is looking even more potent than fish oil capsules these days. Second Note: If you don't like fish, get fish capsules. If you do like fish, still get fish capsules, just less of them.

7. Simple Toning Exercises -- The goal is muscle; tight and lean muscle. With muscle around, cellulite just won't show through the skin as easily. When the area is left to stagnate, cellulite gets nice and comfy and shows up like somebody is shining a spotlight on it. With even a little muscle, it'll be hard pressed to push up under the skin. Why? Because the muscle is there! What exercises do you need to do? Well, it depends on the area. Free weights and are usually the best choice for toning up select regions.

Are Cellulite Removal Exercises Actually Effective?

There is no single "best" exercise to get rid of cellulite. There may be exercises that are more effective than others, but overall, there is no "end all" anti cellulite exercise that's going to solve all your problems. Once you realize this and get in the right mindset, using cellulite removal exercises becomes a bit easier.

Generally speaking, an all-inclusive fitness plan -- one which combines cardiovascular and anaerobic workouts -- is the ideal way to control and even get rid of cellulite problems. Furthermore, your exercise schedule does not need to be physically grueling or "am I dead yet" exhausting in order to get results.

You can use exercises from two different groups in order to make your body fit and strong and also free from cellulite.

The 1st group is aerobic & cardio exercises which gives your entire body a good work out. These workouts improve blood flow and circulation and simultaneously get rid of fat and burn loads of calories; all of which makes cellulite less noticeable.

The 2nd group of exercises is strength training, which will focus on building and firming specific muscle groups in the body via use of resistance bands and/or free weights.

The most effective exercise program to remove cellulite combines elements from each group.

Group 1 - Cardio/Aerobic

The most effective cellulite removal exercise in the cardiovascular group is without a doubt swimming. Swimming exercises the heart and the respiratory system to get rid of impurities while simultaneously working out every important muscle group in your body to remove fat. If I was given one one cardio exercise to choose from, it would definitely be swimming -- its THAT effective. However, it should be known that swimming for the purposes of exercises is not nearly as easy as people think it is. It's not bad, per say, it just takes some getting use to.

There are numerous other cardiovascular exercises which are effective if swimming isn't an option; which it won't be outside of summer months for most people. Running, jogging, power walking, bike riding, hiking, skating, dancing, kickboxing, or even playing wii fit for an hour a day.

Group 2 - Strength Training, Weight Lifting

The best exercise to remove cellulite in this group will depend on the problem area being targeted. Squats are a preferred anaerobic exercise for the thigh area, legs, and buttocks; common areas where most women accumulate cellulite deposits. Squats may be done using a weight bar or without one. Leg curls and leg extensions are popular exercises for eliminating cellulite from the legs & thighs and are very easy to do pretty much anywhere.

Great Cellulite Exercises That Work

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Do Cellulite Shorts Work?

While cellulite shorts aren't exactly a new remedy, they are most certainly an improving remedy. What was once a gimmicky, worthless anti cellulite product is now an effective and viable long term method of cellulite removal.

When applied in combination with a number of other all-natural solutions, cellulite can indeed help to control cellulite problems. Cellulite shorts work in a variety of ways but the majority of them rely on heat and pressure to help metabolize the accumulation of fluids and fats which cause cellulite formation. Some cellulite shorts also incorporate a massaging action due to their fabric and weave.

Will cellulite shorts get rid of cellulite for someone who is eating a high fat, high calorie diet?

In theory, yes. The shorts don't "know" the root cause of your cellulite build up -- be it lack of exercise, a poor diet, excess fluid retention, or all of the above -- it just starts working on the cellulite that is actually there. Does that mean you can eat whatever you want and the cellulite shorts will just undue all the damage? No, of course not. Cellulite shorts aren't magic and won't keep your legs, thighs, and butt from ballooning to epic proportions. Cellulite removal shorts aren't magic -- they're just a tool.

One big reason why many people have cellulite formation on their bodies is, to put it bluntly, an inactive existence. The less you move, and the more you are glued to the couch eating twinkies and ho-hos, the easier it is for cellulite to push up through the connective tissues and make itself known to the world.

Would the use of cellulite shorts make anti cellulite exercises more effective?

The benefits obtained from a regular exercise routine would be undoubtedly intensified by the use of cellulite shorts, due to their heat retaining and massaging actions; which would work in conjunction with the effects of your exercise. Now, the bigger question is (and I'm sure the one on your mind right now): would the shorts be as effective at getting rid of cellulite if they were worn while sitting at your desk? Simply put, no.

While it is certainly better to wear them than not wear them while sitting -- the overall effects of wearing them while doing nothing will be minimal if all you do is sit there. They'll help, but they won't get you the result you're after. Not by a long shot.

How Much Do They Cost?

Obviously, that's going to depend on where you buy them from. If you go to the high end side, you can expect to pay for $100 or more for a "high tech" pair. These supposedly have "critical" features for cellulite removal and specialized fabrics which increase circulation 10-fold. If you go toward the low end -- you can probably get away with spending $30 to $50 for a decent pair of anti cellulite shorts.

Cellulite shorts will not get rid of cellulite all on their own, so spending upwards of $100 seems foolish to me personally. But hey, if you've got the money to burn and think it might give you a little advantage, then go for it.

Final Thoughts

A pair of anti cellulite shorts is a great secondary remedy. By that, I mean it's not your primary offense against cellulite. Other remedies will be your primary attack force; the shorts are just back-up that are always working and finding ways to weaken the cellulite.

Realistically, it just makes sense to own a pair and wear them every day if you're truly serious about cellulite removal. After all, even when you're not actively trying to get rid of cellulite with exercise, massage, creams, and skin brushing, the shorts will be working away at tightening, toning, and smoothing the area. I've read stories of some people actually going to bed with them on!

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    • Cellulite-Removal profile image

      Dan Ripa 

      4 years ago from Upstate New York

      Great hub with a lot of great content on home remedies for cellulite removal. The natural cellulite removal treatments appear to be the most effective for reducing cellulite. If your looking for additional data on home remedies check out Good Luck!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      I do body brushing and it seems to help. You have some interesting suggestions here.


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