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Natural home remedies to cure and manage diabetes or high blood sugar levels

Updated on April 23, 2015

Easy solutions to cure high blood sugar or diabetes naturally

Many adults start showing symptoms of unquenchable thirst, frequently going to bathroom and losing weight. They go to doctor for check. They are generally diagnosed with Adult-onset diabetes or Diabetes-Type 2. In simple layman terms, it is called blood sugar disease.They are left with lot of expensive medicines for entire life. They are professionals, home makers, parents, singles, grandparents and many more who have no choice but to accept this as a fate of life.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Here, are few natural home remedies which are still used in some cultures to heal blood sugar or diabetes naturally. Doctor's advice and allergy check is suggested. All suggestions are for information only.

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds | Source

1. Fenugreek Seeds or Powder, it is considered a miracle food for diabetes management. It can be taken as 2 teaspoons daily in powder form with meals. Fenugreek powder works by increasing the insulin sensitivity. Hence, when the food is consumed with this powder, there is less spike in blood sugar levels. The seeds can be used as seasonings in daily food recipes as it adds to the flavour of the food while helping you enjoy the health benefits. It can be easily found in Asian shops, specially Indian shops all over the world.

2. Bitter Gourd, it is an excellent vegetable, low in calories that can be added to the meals. It is low in Glycemic Index and helps to control blood sugar. It helps to control your appetite and increase the insulin sensitivity. For effective and fast results, it can be taken in the form of juice in the morning in empty stomach. It is commonly consumed and grown in Asian countries. If the fresh vegetable is not found in your place, you can look for Bitter Gourd powder supplements in the Internet.

3. Turmeric powder, it is a spice commonly used in Asian curries to give taste and colour to the food. It is a very good antioxidant. It helps in diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels and increasing glucose metabolism. It strengthens the immune system and assists in detoxifying the body. It is yellow in colour and 1 or 2 tea spoons can be added to daily meals or it can be taken as a supplement. It is available in Asian shops, pharmacies and online shops.

4. Eating food low in Glycemic Index and avoiding white sugar is the best way to manage diabetes. When we eat fast food, cakes, pastry, sweets and meals low in Glycemic index, we cause our blood sugar levels to spike up and followed by sharp spike down. These swings cause havoc to our body causing mood swings and hunger pangs. These hunger pangs cause us to eat more junk food and the vicious cycle continues. The only way we can stop this downhill is by eating food that is high in Glycemic index. It includes fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and beans. These group of food give us feeling of fullness for longer periods and stable blood sugar levels. We tend to eat less and high quality foods which helps to burn fat and ultimately, lose weight. When diabetic loses weight, diabetes management is much easier. Slowly, the transition can be done from medicine to good diet under a guidance of doctor.

5. Finally, the most important is exercise. When right food is taken in combination with good exercise regime, the results are best. Exercise works by increasing the insulin sensitivity and sugar metabolism. It helps to control diabetes and prevent the long term complications associated with diabetes. However, certain precautions are required and need to be done after the consultation of doctor.

Such simple steps can make your life easy and more enjoyable. You can be in control of your own diet and health. Use this crisis as an opportunity to take proactive steps for your own self.


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