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Effective natural eczema home treatment

Updated on October 19, 2016

I am a mother of a baby boy who was diagnosed with eczema at his early months of birth. Before he was diagnosed with Eczema, I have only knew few things about it. Definitely eczema is a painful disease and I am sure if you are a parent of an infant whom suffers from eczema you would know how much discomfort it causes to your infant and to you as a parent. Symptoms of eczema are itchiness, red patches and dryness that can appear on the forehead, cheeks, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, back, genital area and legs of the body. My baby used scratching and used not to stop until was bleeding. Most of the rashes and itchness skin used to get worse at nights. His scalp was also very dry and had a lot of dry skin that looked like dandruff. It was very painful for me as a mother to see my baby suffering from such a condition. We took him to doctors several times whom prescribed him steroids and oilatums. The steroids were relieving the symptoms immediately after applying it but all the rashes used to appear again. Steroids are very dangerous on skin, so I used to try to avoid applying them on my baby's skin as much as I could.

As I early said I only knew few things about eczema. I used to massage my baby's skin with the prescribed oilatum 2-3 times a day. I have also tried to avoid some food from my diet. Thanks God I am not allergic to majority of the food but as I am breastfeeding thought that it's most likely that the food I was eating was causing my baby Eczema due to allergies. I completely stopped eating all the spicy and diary food. Doctors have also gave us few advises which were little bit helpful for instances stop making our baby get contact with any shampoo or detergent. Always keep our baby in a cool area as heat used to irritate his skin. Every time I give bath to my baby I made sure to keep his skin dry by using a gentle towel. Actually I used to reduce the times I give him a bath. Following all these advises used to make his skin more manageable but still all rashes and symptoms used to appear again in a about three or four days. I also started using the corn starch powder to comfort the itching, red patches and inflamed skin. Actually it used to relieve the symptoms so much better than steroids. corn flour is very good and very cheap to buy from the supermarket. I used to dissolve it with a few drops of water in a bowel until it became a thick liquid then used to apply it to my baby.

All of the above advises were very helpful but now I will tell you the real effective eczema's treatment that will work from inside to out. It's honey. Drinking honey is really able to effectively treat and cure eczema from inside the body and that would amazingly reflect on outside the skin. Pure clear honey is the definite effective eczema’s treatment. There are many eczema's skin treatments which are based on honey. I am pretty much sure that they work marvellously just outside. However they do not tackle the condition from the main source. They do not stop the symptoms from happening. They only treat symptoms after they appear. But drinking honey is definitely the effective solution. It has natural components which enhances the immune system and fight allergies such as food and materials. One of its natural components is Pollen which fights allergies. Allergies can cause eczema's rashes which usually appear on the skin. The best honey to buy is the raw pure honey because it contains the Pollen. You can find raw honey from your local honey keeper. You can also buy pure original honey online from reliable stores. Make sure that you drink pure raw honey two or three times a day and within a week you would notice a big improvement in your health and skin. You would start feeling the grace of well being. Honey is also well known as an ancient traditional treatment for a lot of health problems but it really does wonders with treating and curing eczema. Hence it works from inside to outside the body it would stop the rashes, itchiness and all the discomforts. It's really amazing and beneficial. I am telling you this from my own experience with my eczema that affected my baby and I am pretty sure it will cure your eczema's condition. Please start taking honey for yourself or giving it to your special one. Please first consult with your doctor before taking honey if you have any medical condition that contradict with honey or your baby is under one year old. I will be happy if you write a comment if you have treated eczema with honey too or know someone who used honey and effectively treated eczema.


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