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Edward's desserts not recommended if watching cholesterol or calorie counting

Updated on June 24, 2014

Breakfast favorites

These were great breakfast  items on a holiday or any time
These were great breakfast items on a holiday or any time | Source

Chocolate was a must

One of my favorites if there was no homemade dessert.
One of my favorites if there was no homemade dessert. | Source

By the slice it was great

An after dinner treat.
An after dinner treat. | Source

During the holiday, my mother decided to by Edward’s Singles for me instead of making anything chocolate. I would have preferred the homemade chocolate. One of the greatest compliments to a holiday meal with chicken or turkey is chocolate.

I don’t like either one of these desserts mainly because it was an easy out for mom, who bought a Pecan pie for one of our other guests and a Lemon Meringue pie for herself. She wouldn’t have cut corners like that if my brother or sister had come. I shouldn’t have to warm up my dessert in the oven or a microwave to eat it. It should be served right from the oven made from scratch.

The Mini Apple Pie was good the first time I ate it. The drawback to this item being that one could not put the frozen dessert in the microwave with that aluminum tin because it caught fire. I must have made a mistake the second time, not putting the pie in for the required 11/2 –2 minutes. It was still frozen. The third pie needed more than a minute to cool because the filling was so hot it scorched the roof of my mouth.

The Turtle Brownie with ice cream This was terrible both times I tried it. Even after warming this in the microwave for the recommended 35-45 seconds, the middle still looked half done. If Schwan’s were smart, they would have packaged this in an aluminum tin also instead of using cardboard shaped the same way. I was afraid to put a large amount of ice cream on a half-done brownie the first time, so I ate that separately. Even though the second brownie was still half done, it was warm enough to melt the ice cream on top. This wasn’t a serving of ice cream this was more like 2-1/2 scoops. I could do better myself with brownies (not the turtle kind) made from scratch, healthy, which would hold a scoop of ice cream.

The Difference

The Mini Apple Pie had no cholesterol, which was good. And the monounsaturated fat along with the polyunsaturated fat equaled the saturated fat at 10 milligrams each There was a lot of sodium, 370 milligrams. It did have less sugar, 18 grams, than the Turtle Brownie, which had 33 grams of sugar.

The Turtle Brownie made me worry health-wise because of the 20 milligrams of cholesterol. It also had 7 grams of unsaturated fat but no poly or monounsaturated fat. It had 260 milligrams of sodium but way too much sugar at 33 grams. This didn’t help my cholesterol levels during the holiday, but I only had two of these.

My brownies, with the exception of the white flower and one cup of sugar, were healthier than the turtle brownie in that I used Egg Beater eggs and extra virgin olive oil in the place of real eggs and stick butter. This tip I received from one of my Sunday School friends. My brownie could also withstand a scoop of ice cream.


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